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The Tesla Model Y is one of Tesla’s best-selling vehicles. The electric SUV model is a hit among consumers because of its practicality and many features. The Model Y has one feature that’s particularly mind-blowing: Bioweapon Defense Mode. Check out how Bioweapon Defense Mode works here.

The Tesla Model Y’s Bioweapon Defense Mode is like nothing you’ve seen before

The Tesla Model Y’s Bioweapon Defense Mode utilizes a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. HEPA filters are often used in hospitals to remove harmful airborne particles and microorganisms from environments. These filters are protective in more ways than one.

In the video above, Tesla employees put the Tesla Model Y’s Bioweapon Defense Mode to the test by trapping themselves in a bubble. The team lit multiple smoke grenades inside the bubble and activated Bioweapon Defense Mode in the Model Y. The entire bubble quickly filled with thick red smoke from the smoke grenades.

The Model Y’s cabin remained safe and clean, thanks to Bioweapon Defense Mode. No red smoke was able to get into the Model Y despite being stuck in a bubble. The Model Y’s HEPA filter does exceptionally well at filtering out fine particles. This filtration system keeps the driver and passengers safe from harmful particles that could cause major health issues.

Tesla includes the Bioweapon Defense Mode Hepa filter because plenty of Americans live in areas with poor air quality. The climate crisis could cause air quality to further deteriorate. This feature may not seem necessary for some consumers, but it could be life-saving in the event of a massive wildfire or interaction with a biohazard.

Is the Tesla Model Y reliable?

A red Tesla Model Y is driving on the road.
The Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Consumer Reports gave the 2022 Tesla Model Y a 1/5 predicted reliability score. The 2021 model year got a 2/5 reliability verdict from CR. Tesla Model Ys are far from the most reliable SUVs on the market.

The Tesla Model Y once offered amazing value for its price, but Tesla price fluctuations made the EV more expensive. Some Tesla Model Y trims are completely unavailable at times. The Model Y is currently only available in Long Range and Performance trims.

The Long Range trim starts at $54,190. The Performance model starts at $59,190. Its Bioweapon Defense Mode may be amazing, but is a vehicle with such poor reliability ratings really worth over $54,000?

Should you buy a Tesla Model Y?

A red Tesla Model Y is driving down the road.
The Tesla Model Y | Tesla

The Tesla Model Y was once cream of the crop. Today, Tesla still is responsible for most of the new electric vehicle market share in America, but there’s more competition than ever before. Ford and Volkswagen both have popular electric SUV models out that provide amazing value for their prices.

The Tesla Model Y was a great buy at just under $40K, especially considering federal electric vehicle tax credits. Now that it’s currently only available starting at $54,190, plenty of consumers will pass on Tesla’s EV for a more affordable alternative. The Tesla Model Y is beginning to trail behind the competition.


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