Tesla Model X Is Flying Off Production Lines

Tesla Debuts Its New Crossover SUV Model, Tesla X
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If you ordered a Tesla Model X today, you would see the car delivered in “the latter half of 2016,” according to the automaker’s current timetable. As distant as that may sound, there is reason for hope after just a few models of the electric SUV found their owners in the first three months of production. According to CleanTechnica, several hundred Model Xs are heading to owners before the end of 2015, and as many as 1,000 per week will be streaking off the Fremont production line soon.

This report came with verification from “a source inside Tesla,” presumably an employee with a close eye on the shop’s movements and data. The source confirmed that “every other car” getting its final bolts was indeed a Model X as of the third week in December. As time passes, the factory will get production up to 800 models a week and shoot for the goal of 1,000 units per week, or 2,000 total including the Model S.

What does that look like exactly? Here is a look inside the Tesla plant (robots and all), courtesy of Le Guide De L’Auto:

A few hundred vehicles may not immediately sound like cause for celebration, but some perspective helps explain the enthusiasm in some circles. Tesla has two vehicles firing off the line for the first time in company history. The process involved a shutdown of the plant last year to prep for the new production specs.

In September, the first high-end Model X made its way to a lucky owner during the rollout party. Since then (through November), only 15 models have landed in owners’ driveways, according to the trustworthy InsideEVs. So several hundred units represent a monumental shift.

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Likewise, orders seemed so backed up at the time of launch that you wondered if 2017 would be the delivery date for new deposits. Since then, the latest posted delivery time has held at “late” 2016. It hasn’t been extended whatsoever.

With every bit of Tesla news inextricably linked to Wall Street rumblings, this notice should have tidings of holiday cheer as the automaker heads into 2016. (At the time of writing, Tesla stock was at $233, a few ticks off its December high of $234.51.)

Closing out 2015, investors should have reason to feel confident in the electric car maker. Even if it is unable to meet its expected sales goals for the year, Tesla has handled the switchover to a two-car plant with grace — at least as far as the media can tell. Meanwhile, the Model 3 that is expected to make Elon Musk’s company a mainstream player is on track to debut in early 2016 in concept form.

But first things first. The Model X had to reach production numbers in the hundreds by the end of the year for confidence in Tesla to hold steady. It appears the EV maker has accomplished that mission already. Holiday toasts are certainly in order.

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