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If you own a base or older model Tesla Model S and you want a bit more range and power, now might be your chance. While there isn’t a ton of modifications electric vehicle owners can do, there are some. In the case of Tesla, one of the most prominent modification options is swapping the battery pack. Going to a bigger battery pack gives both a bit more range and more power. However, it isn’t exactly a plug-and-play swap.

This 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack is all yours for just $32,500

Tesla Model S Plaid | Tesla

It’s always fun to dig through eBay listings and see what you come across. In this instance, a unique listing appeared; a 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid battery pack.

The listing does not show any pictures of just the battery pack. It does; however, show pictures of the totaled Model S Plaid the seller plucked from it. It appears to have been in a pretty substantial head-on collision. That seems pretty consistent with the warp-speed acceleration that this car is known for. With great power comes great responsibility, and clearly, this Tesla driver didn’t have the latter.

At any rate, the battery pack is listed for a healthy $32,500. The good news is that it is up for negotiation via eBay’s offer system. There’s likely not a ton of wiggle room, though, as this is a pretty niche product. There aren’t a lot of these battery packs kicking around given how new the vehicle is.

The listing states that both local pickup and shipping are available, which is convenient, should you happen to be on the other side of the country from the vehicle’s California home base. Of course, it’s so big that it’ll be shipping freight, so a forklift or dock is required for delivery. That should start to paint a picture that swapping one of these isn’t exactly a trivial task, though.

Additionally, the seller makes it very clear that Tesla will not install or program used parts.

That begs the question: how would one go about used battery swapping a Tesla?

Can I swap my Tesla battery?

Front angle view of red Tesla model S Plaid, a fast car with one of the quickest quarter-mile acceleration time
Tesla Model S Plaid | Tesla

The short answer is yes. If you have the tools required to remove a Tesla’s 1,000-plus pound battery pack, it is possible to swap them between cars. However, there’s quite a bit more involved than you might think.
According to InsideEVs, Tesla said putting a 100 kWh battery in a Model S that didn’t originally come with one is “financially prohibitive.” However, you’re already on your own in resorting to used parts.

However, another issue that Tesla says about upgrading to the 100 kWh pack is that the chassis that came with smaller batteries are not built to handle them. The suspension would need an overhaul. Additionally, additional structural support would need to be added.

However, this means that, in theory, this battery pack could go into a standard Tesla Model S P100D or another model that came with the 100 kWh battery pack. Of course, Tesla still would not help get it up and running.


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There are a couple of options, though. Companies like Gruber Motors and Electrified Garage offer Tesla and other EV owners the option to repair, upgrade, or customize their vehicles. Additionally, they offer services like replacing battery modules instead of entire batteries for repairs. In the case of Electrified Garage, they even rebuild wrecked Teslas.

So, if you happen to have a 100 kWh Model S and are looking for a spicy upgrade, grab this battery pack now! One would think it’s a pretty niche market.