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The Tesla Model 3 just got much cooler. The Model 3 was already a top contender for electric vehicle of the year. It is affordable for an electric vehicle and has great driving range. Being one of the two most affordable Tesla models to exist is cool enough, but one Model 3 took things a step further. This Model 3 just got a major style upgrade and is now apocalypse-ready.

This Tesla Model 3 is ready for anything

A modified Tesla Model 3.
A modified Tesla Model 3 | Grind Hard Plumbing Co. YouTube channel

The Tesla Model 3 is many things, but it surely isn’t the top vehicle pick for a survivalist. It isn’t a durable off-roading Jeep or a sturdy camper. The Model 3 is a compact car that is more prepared for a bright future than an apocalyptic one. According to Electrek, gearheads at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. turned the compact car into an off-roading beast.

The electric car got off-roading wheels, tires, and a modified suspension. The team welded a custom tube bumper onto the chassis. They also added a winch after welding on the tube bumper.

The team cut hexagon-shaped holes into the hood and placed lights inside the hood giving it a cyberpunk resistance look. They successfully made the futuristic electric car look like a prop vehicle straight off the set of a Mad Max film.

Is the Tesla Model 3 a good car?

A red Tesla Model 3.
The Tesla Model 3 | Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Tesla Model 3 is currently the most popular electric vehicle on the market. After years of tweaking, Tesla has finally created the quintessential (attainable) electric car. In the company’s early days, many of its vehicles were reserved for the super-rich. Today Tesla realizes that to scale its business and have the most impact, it must create affordable options for consumers.

The Tesla Model 3 comes in three different trim options. The Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance trims are the options consumers can choose from. Each trim’s powertrain offers a different battery range and different speeds.

The Standard Range Plus gets 263 miles of range on a full charge. The Long Range gets a massive 353 miles on a full charge. The Performance trim gets 315 miles of range. The electric car is so popular because even the base model, the Standard Range Plus comes with a huge 15-inch infotainment system and amazing standard features.

Should you buy a Model 3?

A blue Tesla Model 3.
The Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

It’s an exciting time to be in the market for a new EV. Several automakers including Ford, Rivian, and many more are rolling out electric vehicles. That being said, Tesla still holds the crown for best electric vehicle automaker thus far.

The Tesla Model 3 is an excellent first EV because it is affordable, has great range, and includes all the amazing Tesla features that the brand is becoming known for at the most basic trim level. The Model 3 is the perfect entry-level electric vehicle for folks who are still skeptical about EVs.

The Long Range Plus model starts at $39,990. After federal tax credits, the total price can be reduced to $32,490. As many automakers seem to be suffering during the global semiconductor shortage, Tesla and the Model 3 have thrived, providing new EV owners with great driving experiences and an electric vehicle that’s easy to love.


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