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Tesla is one of the world leaders in the electric revolution. The Tesla Model 3 has been a significant car in making Tesla the company it is today. While Teslas don’t need much maintenance, the Model 3 still has maintenance costs. Here’s a look at the Tesla Model 3 maintenance costs after four years and 300,000 miles. 

Tesla is helping the world shift toward EVs

A red Tesla Model 3 parked indoors.
Tesla Model 3 | Getty Images

In the 2010s, the cleanest car the average American could buy was a Prius. Tesla was making cars at the time, but it was making high-end, expensive EVs, such as the Roadster. Those EVs got media attention with celebrities buying and driving them, but it didn’t take long for that to change. With the introduction of EVs like the Model 3 and the Nissan Leaf, EVs became affordable.

As people worried about climate change, many chose to switch to an EV to do their part in lowering emissions. With more government support thanks to laws like the Inflation Reduction Act, EVs look poised to take over the car world in just a few years. In some places, such as California, EVs will be the only new cars sold after 2035.

That said, automakers must make good, affordable cars for the electric revolution to continue building steam. The affordability of car maintenance is one of those things ordinary people will have to think about before purchasing a car. Unsurprisingly, the Model 3 is reasonable regarding its maintenance costs.

Here’s a look at the maintenance costs of the Tesla Model 3

As Vehicle Suggest wrote, EVs have different maintenance needs than gas-powered cars. This is mainly seen in the car’s tires, as EVs, including Teslas, will wear out their tires quicker than a regular car. This also means that EVs need special tires that cost more than standard tires. After 300,000 miles, replacing an EV’s tires may cost about $6,700, while the price tag will be closer to $4,600 for gas cars.

Tires aren’t the only thing that needs maintenance and replacements. Like any other car, the air conditioner will need maintenance, and more minor things like the car horn or the wipers will need it too. Overall, maintaining a Model 3 for four years isn’t going to cost folks that much money. According to Vehicle Suggest, after four years and 300,000 miles on a Model 3, the Tesla only needed about $9,700 for maintenance costs.

What Tesla has in store for the future

The Model 3 continues to be Tesla’s most popular offering, but the company is continuing to innovate. The Cybertruck is one of the first electric trucks to be announced, and it was expected to enter the market in 2020. However, it was delayed and other automakers, such as Rivian and Ford, beat Tesla to the punch as those companies have already started production on their electric trucks.

The Cybertruck should start production in 2023. Unlike the Rivian R1T or the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Cybertruck sports a unique design. But just like those trucks, the Cybertruck should be capable of doing truck things. It should be affordable also, as the base price starts at about $40,000.

Tesla is also aiming to create a second generation of the Roadster, and it should debut in 2023 as well. Lastly, the Tesla Semi is an electric semi-truck intended for commercial truck drivers. It should also debut in 2023. 


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