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Tesla has a brief history compared with other car manufacturers. But it has quickly cemented itself as a leader in innovation. And much of its success is thanks to its high-quality products such as the Tesla Model 3.

Now, Tesla Model 3 owners can give their car a makeover with a Formula 1 body kit that gives the four-door EV an even more athletic look. 

The Tesla Model 3 at a glance

Released in mid-2017 to much fanfare, the Tesla Model 3 continues to be an excellent electric vehicle. Starting at $37,990, the 2021 Tesla Model 3 allures with its futuristic, smooth exterior and sleek interior. The cabin comes equipped with a huge touchscreen with a noticeable lack of dials and knobs.

Some find the infotainment system distracting and unintuitive, especially because other basic functions, like windshield wipers and mirror adjustments, occur on this system. Another common complaint is the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which seems strange for a car that’s futuristic in other regards. But Tesla has its own operating system, and it’s sticking with it.

Despite this, the 2021 Tesla Model 3 performs well, coming with a powerful engine and athletic feel. This is a nice surprise for prospective owners, as many non-Tesla EVs are less powerful and not much to drive, prompting people to steer clear of electric cars. 

Perhaps one of the biggest draws for those interested in the Tesla Model 3 is its impressive driving range, making it an excellent choice for people worried about going on long road trips without finding a place to recharge. According to U.S. News, EPA estimates for the latest version sit at 315 miles for the Performance model and 353 miles for the Long Range. 

What is Startech?

Since its inception in 1999, Startech has specialized in customizing automobiles inside and out. According to German Tuning Corporation, Startech ensures its modification kits adhere to strict standards. 

Startech customizations are unlike anything else on the road. The company can transform vehicles from Bentley, Maserati, Land Rover, and other brands into something entirely new and unique. Professional engineers make all Startech parts in Bottrop, Germany. 

Startech’s body kit for the Tesla Model 3

In late 2020, Startech released a new design for the Model 3, the first Tesla to get the Startech royal treatment. According to Hypebeast, Formula 1 racing inspired the new design. Startech uses 3D scanning and computer-aided design (CAD) technology to create the Model 3 body kits. 

The front bumper is reminiscent of Formula 1 race cars, and this actually provides aerodynamic benefits. The rear features a stylish and modern spoiler that attaches to the top of the trunk. However, perhaps the most eye-catching pieces are the matte silver “Startech” lines and stripes along the sides. 

Startech has also created 20-inch wheels, called Monostar M wheels, that feature a spider-like pattern in black. The interior features an upgrade to the ceiling fabrics and plastic parts. Finally, drivers are treated to a sporty, customized steering wheel available in several colors. 

Many people think Tesla is already the epitome of cool and high-tech, but this Startech mod kit makes them look sportier than ever. 


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