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Studies continue to show that climate change plagues the world in more ways than one. A major effect is flooding. China is one of the most recent places to feel the pressure, but the Tesla Model 3 saved many drivers on the roads.

Floods have pounded China recently

The recent floods in China have been devastating. Rainwater pounded way at Xinxiang, dropping a year’s worth of rain in a mere 72 hours. If that’s not devastating enough, there might be more flooding to come.

One driver managed the floodwater just fine, however. Inside EVs reports that a Tesla Model 3 was spotted driving through floodwaters that covered the grille. The publication was unable to find out what condition the Model 3 is in now, but the fact that it could drive while other vehicles stalled is incredible.

Tesla models drive through deep water as part of their testing phase, so Tesla drivers can rest assured that navigating heavy rains won’t be an issue.

This doesn’t mean you can safely drive a Tesla Model 3 through floodwaters, of course. Though Tech Times reports the Model S can handle deep water, the Model 3 isn’t designed to. Even so, the Model 3 is an excellent EV.

Floods can’t stop the Model 3

Tesla Model 3 EVs at the automaker's gigafactory in Shanghai, China, on October 26, 2020
Tesla Model 3 | Xinhua/Ding Ting via Getty Images

For anyone looking for an affordable EV, it’s hard to beat the Tesla Model 3. In fact, a recent study from Consumer Reports shows that Model 3 drivers are some of the happiest car owners out there. 

The standard Range Plus can go from 0 to 60 in a respectable 5.3 seconds and can reach speeds of 140 mph. The interior may seem a bit spartan at first, but there are enough features in there to give you plenty of room to stash your toys.

The level of comfort is also astonishing. The interior is made with vegan materials, so those who don’t like animal products will feel right at home. There is even the option to play games — when the car isn’t moving, of course. 

Charging is effortless. One of the factors against electric vehicles is how long it takes to charge. Tesla has its own charging stations, which are very affordable. The Tesla Model 3 may not be perfect, but it’s got enough perks to make it worth the $39,990 sticker price.

Global warming is contributing to flooding


Tesla Reports That Its Cars Catch Fire Way Less Than Others, but Its Data Is Deceptive

Sure, cars are excellent transportation, but gas guzzlers are contributing to global warming. Because of this, many scientists believe it’s contributing to flooding. Though more research needs to be done, the evidence shows that the increase in floods is due to climate change. 

“Connecting climate change to floods can be a tricky endeavor. Not only do myriad weather- and human-related factors play into whether or not a flood occurs, but limited data on the floods of the past make it difficult to measure them against the climate-driven trends of floods today,” the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says.

“However, as the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) noted in its special report on extremes, it is increasingly clear that climate change “has detectably influenced” several of the water-related variables that contribute to floods, such as rainfall and snowmelt.”

With that said, having a vehicle that can handle semi-deep water is a good idea. It’s not clear how well electric vehicles can do so, but one Tesla Model 3 handled floodwaters very well in China.

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