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The Tesla community is always up in arms about something. This time, it seems the automaker has angered electric vehicle drivers trying to skip the Tesla Supercharger for a quick charge and plug in at home. What happened with the Tesla Mobile Connector charging bundle?

Tesla might not include the Mobile Connector Bundle anymore

The Tesla mobile connector charger might not be included anymore
A Tesla charges at a public charging station downtown | Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images

While Tesla encourages buyers to install a home charger to keep the EV charged and ready, the automaker might make major changes soon. Previously, the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle was included with any EV purchase. This allowed drivers to plug in anywhere with a regular outlet and made to transition to an electric vehicle. It gave people the chance to charge up right away, even if it wasn’t a very quick charge.

Now it seems that Tesla is pulling the plug on the Mobile Connector Bundle. At the cost of $275, it isn’t that much of an added expense on top of the price of the actual EV. The Gen 2 Tesla Mobile Connector Bundle is out of stock on the official Tesla store. “The Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle allows you to plug into any standard 110v household outlet to begin charging,” the description says. It should add between two and three miles of range per hour using 1.3kW of max power.

What does Tesla anticipate adding in its place if it is no longer going to provide the mobile connector? Not everyone has a convenient Tesla Supercharger station nearby.

The wording on the official Tesla website no longer says “included”

This rumor originated from Drive Tesla Canada who first noticed that the wording on the Design Studio page had changed. Previously, the website noted in the ‘Easy Charging’ section that buyers could charge up the Tesla Model 3 using the “included Mobile Connector Bundle.” The word “included” is no longer a part of that statement

While this mobile connector was convenient to have on hand right away, it didn’t exactly offer high-speed charging like you would find at a Tesla Supercharger by any means. It was more of an option for those who did not have a home charger installed already and just needed something to get by. Now it seems Tesla will start charging for the kit instead of simply including it with the purchase of a new EV.

The wording still indicates that the Mobile Connector is included on the actual Tesla support page. “The Mobile Connector is included as standard equipment with a new Tesla.” This kit also includes the SAE J1772 adaptor for public charging stations, which was also a helpful piece of equipment to have early on.

Prices are up across to entire Tesla lineup in recent months

In recent months, the prices for all of the Tesla lineup have gone up exponentially. The Tesla Model 3 is known as the cheapest model in the lineup. After the most recent price hike, the Model 3 starts at $48,190 as of March 2022. It did get an extra five miles of range, bumping it up to 267 miles. The 2022 Model 3 Long Range has an EPA-rated 353 miles, and it starts at $55,690. That’s up about $2,000 from the last change in price.

The Tesla Model Y electric SUV starts at $64,190 as of March 2022. This has gone up more than $6,000 in recent months after the two most recent price changes. For the tri-motor Model S Plaid, the price went up a staggering $600 to $137,190 as of March 2022. 

With all of the price increases, it wouldn’t shock anyone to note that Tesla was no longer including a $300 charger with the purchase of a new car. It is, however, inconvenient. Has anyone you know purchased a Tesla recently and not had the Tesla mobile connector charger not included?


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