Tesla Keeps Many Texas Owners From Freezing

For days millions of Texas residents have been without power, gas, and in some cases water, from the unusually harsh winter storms. But if you’re a Tesla owner he or she may have power. That’s because of Tesla Powerwall batteries installed in their houses. Many are sharing their experiences of survival with help from the Powerwall on social media. 

Posts show images of completely dark neighborhoods except for one home

lone house with lights on in Texas power outage
Snow covers the ground in Waco, Texas | Getty

Many posts are showing images of completely dark neighborhoods except for one home with lights on. Neighbors inquire why lone homes still have power when the others don’t. When they find out why some post that their neighbors intend to have the Powerwall batteries installed after experiencing the harsh winter of 2021.  

Tesla Energy customers are noting that there is enough sunlight during the day to retain enough energy to power the house at night. Even with snow covering roofs. Some are even experiencing no periods without power. 

He used his Tesla a warm sleep pod for his wife, dog, and daughter

Some without the Powerwall are still utilizing their Teslas to stay warm. One Model 3 owner ran out of firewood in under a day keeping his house warm. When that happened he used his Tesla with a 75kWh battery as a warm and cozy sleep pod at night. It kept things warm for his wife, dog, and daughter. Who knows what others are doing with no power at night and temperatures way below freezing?  

There is no exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning sleeping in an electric vehicle. Of course, there would be in a gas-powered car. A number of families have died as they succumbed to car exhaust from the garage. Many are desperate to try and keep loved ones warm with power out for days. 

3 million residents in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi are still without power

Texas power outage in dark neighborhood
A truck drives down the street during a power outage in McKinney, Texas | Getty

Besides the 3 million residents in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi without power, there are over 200,000 with no power in Appalachian states. Over 200,000 are also without power in the Pacific Northwest. Texas power supplier ERCOT has been getting hammered for not being able to provide the power necessary for the state. 


Tesla Wants to Supply Batteries to Rivals

The state of Texas is the biggest supplier of electricity in the US. And it is the energy capital of the US with fracking and oil drilling being a huge industry in the Lonestar State. At least its new neighbor Tesla is helping some families make it through the day and night with power while everyone suffers through the next few tough days.