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If you’re a Tesla fan, 2021 is already gearing up to be an exciting year. While the drive toward electric vehicles doesn’t come without its own complications, Tesla continues to dominate the market. Here’s a look at Tesla’s history and growth as a company, how it leads the electric car market, as well as exciting milestones and unexpected successes. 

How did Tesla get started?

Tesla was founded back in 2003 by two engineers, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. It was originally called Tesla Motors, inspired, of course, by the 19th-century inventor.

At this point, the infamous Elon Musk was a chairman and significant investor. The motors was eventually dropped, opting for Tesla, Inc in 2017. According to Tesla, the core of the company was a belief that you didn’t have to settle in order to drive electric, that your experience could actually be better. 

Models through the years

2008 was a huge year for the company, as the Roadster revealed the technology Tesla could bring to the table. This electric vehicle was not only stylish, but its battery lasted far longer on a single charge than previously imagined.

Then, the Model S, the world’s first all-electric sedan was created, creating a standard for efficiency, safety, and performance for the entire market of EV to follow. As the years went on, the company continued to create electric vehicles that ranged in price and possibility. 

Why is Telsa so popular?

According to Forbes, the secret to Tesla’s success is being able to predict the future. After the success of Model S, the company has continuously raised the bar. The Model X is an incredibly quick and capable sport utility vehicle, and the Model 3 introduced an electric vehicle that is affordable and achievable for a wide audience.

Then, the Tesla Semi is an electric truck that has changed the game for company delivery. That’s not even mentioning Model Y, the mid-size SUV, and their efficient and capable Cybertruck. Basically, Elon Musk created a plan to dominate all facets of EVs, and he stuck to it.

Not just about saving the world

This is where Tesla has done more than just succeed. The company didn’t just focus on creating a lineup of electric vehicles. Each electric model had a purpose, whether that be delivery, affordability, or luxury. They are, unsurprisingly, at the top of any compiled list for electric vehicles, winning the best and second best spot in 2020 according to Car and Driver.

The company also, however, dominated Kelley Blue Book‘s Brand Image Awards for Best Luxury Brand in 2020. The company won for overall luxury brand, the best value, most refined, best styling, and best performance. No one even comes close. 

More exciting news for Tesla

According to Autotrader, most recently Tesla surpassed Audi in U.S. registrations. The fact that an all-electric automaker could achieve this is huge. This milestone made the company the fourth-largest luxury brand.

That’s all across the board for luxury brands, and Tesla is a relatively new and daring company. Tesla is now only behind BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, registration numbers were only slightly behind Mercedes -Benz, a company that has been around since the ”20s. 

Moving forward

Tesla has competition when it comes to the market of electric vehicles. Other automakers are catching on to the changing face of the industry and what they have to do to survive.

This will both force and inspire Tesla to continue making changes and innovating in order to keep up with and control the competition. 2021 will likely have lots of exciting news on the horizon for this company. 


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