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It has been an interesting year for electric vehicles in the automotive industry. EV sales are up, and almost every automaker is electrifying its lineup. This phenomenon has led to the creation of some incredible EVs and some we could definitely live without. Palo Alto, California-based American automaker Tesla is leading the industry’s charge toward an electric future. Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 have been selling well. Once the new hatchback arrives, it will completely overrun the Tesla Model X and Model S.

The inside of a Tesla car Model 3 is seen at a Tesla shop inside of a shopping Mall in Beijing on May 26, 2021.
The inside of a Tesla Model 3 | Nicolas Asfouri/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla is many things but easily accessible is not one of them. For years the automaker seemed far removed from average middle-class drivers with its electric performance vehicles. Little did we know that the electric car and clean energy company was setting up a foundation for greatness with vehicles like the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S.

Tesla first made headlines for creating high-performance electric vehicles that rivaled and surpassed their gas-powered counterparts. The caveat was these vehicles were only available to the elite because of their high prices. After gaining media attention and piquing the interest of consumers, the automaker gradually made its vehicles more accessible to the general public.

The Tesla hatchback will be the best-selling electric car produced by the company yet for one simple reason: it’s affordable. The brand was once an exclusive club with a large temperamental bouncer. In the years to come everyone will be able to experience the company’s innovative EVs. All will soon be welcome to share in the experience of driving one of the most popular EV brand’s vehicles.

A white 2021 Tesla Model Y electric crossover SUV on display at Auto Shanghai 2021
2021 Tesla Model Y | Zhe Ji/Getty Images

According to Electrek, The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 and currently the company’s most popular EVs. The Model Y and Model 3 both also happen to be the company’s most affordable EVs, starting at $39,990. The Model Y and Model 3 are popular for much more than just their price.

The Tesla Model Y is the company’s crossover option. SUVs and crossovers have become particularly popular over recent years. The Model Y is easily one of the most exciting electric crossovers on the market because of its price, range, and awesome exclusive features.

The Tesla Model 3 is a favorite amongst Tesla owners. The Model 3 offers great range on a full battery charge, decent torque, and fast charging. It is one of the best entry-level electric cars because of its comfortable interior, quiet cruising, and awesome special features. The Model Y and Model 3 are the two top-selling electric vehicles of the year thus far, and it’s no surprise why consumers are flocking to them.

Do the Model S and Model X have a chance against the new hatchback?

A purple Tesla Model X.
The Tesla Model X | Lyu Liang/VCG via Getty Images

If the Tesla Inc. team’s goal is to be as inclusive as possible, then, unfortunately, the Model S and Model X will have to take a back seat to the upcoming hatchback. Why? It’s not like both models don’t have their fair share of cool features. The fact is, numbers don’t lie, and both the Model Y and Model 3 outsold the Model S and X by over 30,000 units.

The Tesla Model X starts at $79,990. The Model S starts at $69, 420. Considering that a large number of new EV purchases are from first-time EV buyers, $69,000+ is a lot of money to spend on a vehicle class that is frankly in its infancy. EVs are still fairly new to the industry and still being developed. Full battery ranges are increasing annually and some automakers are just starting to roll out EVs.

The Tesla hatchback will easily outsell its more expensive family members, the Model S and Model X, because it is a more affordable EV, thus making it the better entry-level EV. The Model 3 and Model Y are the top-selling electric vehicles because they provide great value, and most importantly, consumers can afford to try them. Skeptical consumers are much more likely to take a chance on an affordable EV than an expensive one. The Tesla hatchback is expected to release in 2023 with a starting price of $25,000. The most affordable Tesla ever will be the best entry-level Tesla on the market.


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