Tesla Exhaust Systems Are Real

The attraction to Tesla vehicles is that they are electric vehicles. As such, they do not need or have an exhaust system. But, lifelong automotive enthusiasts may that purchase them may still end up missing the warble of a throaty exhaust note. Now, there is a solution for the silent Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 | Tesla
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

In a video posted on May 16th, a Youtuber that goes by the handle SneakerheadinthebayVlogs, shows what he did with his Tesla to get some of that exhaust sound back. He did what would make some Teslaphile’s heads explode. He added an exhaust system. 

Adding an exhaust system to a Tesla

Some explanation is necessary. Tesla does not have exhaust systems in their cars because none of them have internal combustion engines. So, adding a traditional exhaust system is not going to work. However, the exhaust system in the video is a custom unit from Milltek that only creates the illusion of having an exhaust system. 

Once a speaker system is installed under the Tesla, the Milltek system is connected via a cell phone app. When it is turned on, it syncs to the Tesla to register throttle placement. Based on that, it pumps out a recorded exhaust sound. The video is below.

The exhaust system provides an illusion

The speaker is housed in an exhaust looking housing with fake exhaust piping coming out of it. We have seen this before. Just a few decades ago, back when cellular phones were relatively new, they had to be mounted to your car’s dashboard or console. So, the dollar store began offering fake plastic cellular phones that anybody could velcro to their dash to imitate a real one. This is similar to that. It is a fake exhaust system mounted to the vehicle. But it is not plastic. 

It sounds good

It sounds good, though. Also, if the sound is not appealing enough, it can be adjusted. The app is adjustable. So, if the sound drones too much, the volume can be adjusted. So, can the pitch of the sound. So, a deep throaty warble can become more tin can-ish by a simple adjustment on the app.

2020 Tesla Model Y
2020 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

It even backfires

Milltek has been providing high-end exhaust systems since the 1980s. So, this is not their first rodeo. They know exhaust systems pretty well. Consequently, they know what a good sounding exhaust should sound like and have made every effort to make those pleasing sounds available in varying degrees to Tesla owners. The system even has the backfire effect for those times a driver releases the gas peddle or downshifts.

In the video, the owner of the Tesla had the fake exhaust system installed and then went to go pick up a friend. The friend had no idea the system was mounted. So, the Youtuber recorded the reaction of his friend hearing the system for the first time. 

“It sounds like a real car.” – Wait, I did not know Tesla’s were fake cars.

“I can feel it vibrating out my feet.” Yeah, I guess that is similar to a good throaty exhaust system. 

A Tesla Model S is displayed during the London Motor and Tech Show at ExCel
The Tesla Model S | John Keeble/Getty Images

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So, if a Tesla owner ever misses the throaty and rumbling sound of an exhaust note, there is now a solution. The exhaust manufacturers are doing what they can to keep their industry alive, even if it is by providing fake exhaust systems. This system, in particular, is pretty convincing. So, job well done.