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Elon Musk has his hands in a diverse amount of ventures. They range from electric cars to robots, missions to Mars, and Neuralink, his neurotechnology company. So is the Tesla Dating Score another odd offshoot of his entrepreneurship? Is he matching up his owners with life partners? Has he no bounds? In this case, he has nothing to do with it. Instead, it is the progeny of

What is the Tesla Dating Score?

Tesla Dating Scores
Tesla and love combine for the Tesla Dating Score | Getty

So this is actually just an innocent goof aiming to place a number value on your connection and/or commitment to Tesla vehicles. Based on your number, other Tesla fans can quantify your likelihood of being a good, or not-so-good date. It’s a certain amount of mumbo jumbo for sure. But for obsessive Tesla fans, it is a badge of honor to some extent. 

The score is mostly based on how early you acquired a Tesla. Then things like company stock, apparel, and even how often you wax on about it on social media. So you score the most if you purchased a Tesla before 2019. After that, the score is multiplied by a lower number. An excellent score would be over 100.0. 

Apparel also adds points, but less so than purchasing a car. Stock in the comapny factors significantly less, with the lowest number coming from Tweets. But this raises the question, What if the apparel makes you look nerdy? Wouldn’t that sort of subtract from dating eligibility? And tweeting about your car would seem to be something less endearing as well. 

Elon Musk
What’s Elon Musk’s Tesla Dating Score? | Getty

When you step back and look at the overall Tesla Dating Score elements, it really narrows down to how much money you spend. Purchasing a new car is worth more than purchasing a used one after 2019. According to the Drive, if you did nothing more than purchase the last Tesla Roadster, which would have cost way north of $1 million, your score would be 135. 

That’s good for number four on the Tesla Dating Scoreboard. We suspect that whoever did step up for that last Roadster could care less about his or her dating score. But as a means of cementing comradery, or just having some fun with your fellow Tesla geeks, it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes looking at your ranking.

Right now the top three are “Avocado’s Number” at 2455 points in first, “I Stand With Ukraine” with 2450 points at number two, and “Chief Engineer” with 600.64 at number three. The points start really shrinking after number four. You can see all of the scores here


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