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The Tesla Cybertruck is an oddity for many reasons. Its cold-rolled stainless-steel exterior is just one of the electric pickup truck’s novel features. The truck’s weirdest feature is here to stay, for better or worse.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s weirdest feature is a real eyesore

The Tesla Cybertruck is far from ordinary. The electric truck is one of the most innovative automobiles that the industry has seen in decades, thanks to the creativity of Tesla’s design team. The electric truck looks more like a science-fiction movie prop than any truck available today.

While its body is sleek and futuristic, the electric truck does have one exterior feature that’s quite the eyesore. According to The Verge, the Cybertruck’s gigantic windshield wiper is one problem that even Elon Musk can’t easily solve. The Tesla CEO has acknowledged the awkwardness of the large single windshield wiper that is capable of covering most of the Cybertruck’s windshield in a single stroke.

The Cybertruck’s strange windshield wiper is the least of the electric truck’s problems. As peculiar-looking as it may be, it is far from the truck’s only functionality issue.

The Tesla Cybertruck has design flaws that are hard to ignore

A Tesla Cybertruck is driving on the road | Tesla

There are pros and cons to having a unique design like the Tesla Cybertruck. The electric pickup truck has major design flaws, including its limited visibility. Drivers have a very narrow field of vision in the pickup. The truck’s limited visibility could potentially cause accidents.

Aside from the truck’s limited visibility, the Cybertruck’s unique bed design makes it harder to load and haul. Its stainless steel paneling also makes impact a huge issue in the event of an accident. The Cybertruck lacks a crumple zone, an area of a vehicle that usually folds up upon impact to protect drivers.

The Cybertruck has some alarming design flaws that ultimately make the electric pickup truck less safe than many of its competitors. The truck’s huge windshield wiper is sadly much less concerning than its other shortcomings.

Should you buy a Tesla Cybertruck?

A silver Tesla Cybertruck is on display.
A silver Tesla Cybertruck is on display | Tesla, Inc.

The Tesla Cybertruck debuted in 2019. Since 2019 multiple design flaws and concerns were presented by automotive design experts. The truck is groundbreaking, and that may not be positive for its first drivers.

Tesla is taking its time developing and testing the electric truck, but some of its greatest points of criticism are integral parts of its design. The Cybertruck certainly deviates from the conventional pickup truck design most of all its rivals. The truck was set to start at $39,900, but Tesla is notorious for price fluctuations.

The electric pickup truck has an estimated max driving range of over 500 miles for its top trim level. Its tri-motor trim will go from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds. The pickup boasts amazing specs at its top trim level, but is the base model worth taking a chance on? We’ll have to wait and see when Tesla finally decides to release the highly-anticipated pickup.


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