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Oh, Cybertruck. You can’t get right, can you? Tesla’s rush to implement driverless car tech, various quality issues, and over-promising has tarnished the company’s name for many consumers. Even still, the Cybertruck is something that even the most fervent Tesla hater can’t deny. The design captivated car lovers when it debuted. Many have waited with bated breath to hear when it will finally come out. Now photos turn up of a Tesla Cybertruck stuck in the mud waiting for a Ford pickup truck to come to pull it out. This doesn’t make the already grueling Cybertruck wait any better. 

Cybertruck with a cyberquad in the back.
Tesla Cybertruck EV | Tesla

A Tesla Cybertruck got stuck

First of all, there is nothing wrong with getting stuck. If you off-road and you’ve never been stuck, you ain’t really been off-roading. Getting stuck happens. The biggest, baddest trucks on earth can get stuck. The trouble is, it’s hard to sell the idea of a revolutionary electric pickup truck if, right before it is set to come out (we’ll see about that), it gets stuck. Not a great look. 

According to Carscoops, not long after Tesla began working on the new Lithium refinery in Texas, a Cybertruck was caught digging around in the mud. The footage was taken on May 8 by Stephanie Ann Fisher. She posted the juicy footage to Facebook and Twitter. The Cybertruck seems to be a bit bogged down in a muddy field, which is fine – which is fine. 

The photos show a group of people, who we can only assume are a gaggle of Tesla testers who look slightly bewildered. The internet being the hotbed of contrarianism that it is, Tesla faithfuls suggest the Tesla Cybertruck wasn’t stuck; it was just parked. Since the mired electric truck was just off the road, according to Fisher, she also included in her posts a photo of the deep mud ruts as evidence that the truck was, in fact, stuck. 

Are electric trucks better for off-roading?

Again, it’s worth reiterating that getting stuck isn’t a big deal. It happens. However, the optics of an all-new revolutionary pickup truck – especially one as Tesla-y as the Cybertruck – getting stuck in the mud and being pulled out by what looks like a Ford F-250 or F-350 just isn’t what the Tesla marketing team was looking for. 

Making matters potentially worse for Tesla, commenters have pointed out that this truck in the mud might also be the same one that the Tesla CEO drove at the refinery’s groundbreaking ceremony. The only “evidence” of this is that the one in the mud has what appears to be the same metal tool rack as the first one. 

CarScoops points out that despite the optics, there were other Tesla high-ups seen driving a Cybertruck on the same day. Drew Baglino, Tesla’s VP of powertrain and energy engineering, posted that he “had some fun muddying up the Cyber” after the groundbreaking event. 

If the Cybertruck ever comes out, it will probably be cool

Tesla hasn’t done the best job convincing the world to take it seriously lately, but Musk’s antics and broken steering wheels aside, the Cybertruck, if it ever actually comes out, should, by all accounts, be pretty rad. It will have tons of power, look insane, and probably have some pretty cool features. As with most of Tesla’s endeavors, we’ll have to wait and see when and if the wild electric pickup truck comes out to know.