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Tesla Cybertruck So Insane We Didn’t Give the Specs-Yet

With all of the hype, hand wringing, miscues, laser beams, and busted windows, we have been remiss in not giving you the specs of the Tesla Cybertruck. That’s how insane the reveal and subsequent media barrage has been. Whether you love it or hate it the entire reveal was more entertaining than any show in Vegas. Very few were expecting, nor could they believe their eyes once it appeared, the sheer wackiness on four wheels.

Before we get into the specs there are numerous sources reporting that orders have surpassed 150,000 (confirmed via Musk tweet Saturday, November 23). I know, it’s hard to believe. The expressed numbers are based on order numbers issued to those putting down $100 to be placed on a waiting list. Some early depositors reported being given numbers over 4,000 within the first hour after the reveal. 

So without further adieu, let’s get into the truck and see if Elon Musk’s Twitter claims have turned into reality. 

Some Cybertruck specs for you

Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla-00
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The truck features a 6 ½-foot bed, which is a standard size for short boxes. Regular beds run to eight feet. Cargo capacity is 100-cubic -feet. The cab holds six passengers and includes the centrally-located 17-inch touchpad. 

Power will be from one, two, or three electric motors. It can be ordered in two-wheel- or four-wheel-drive configurations. 

Towing capacity is 7,500 lbs. with a single motor, 10,000 lbs. with two motors, and 14,000 lbs. with three motors. 

Cybertruck range, air-suspension system, and more

Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla-00
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Range varies between 250 and 500 miles depending on options and motors. Zero-to-sixty times are 6.5 seconds for the single motor, 4.5 seconds for the dual motor, and 2.9 seconds for the three motor. 

The approach angle is 35-degrees, and the departure angle is 28-degrees. Musk claims this is the best in its class. The air suspension system can raise the body up to 16 inches for needed ground clearance. 

That air suspension system also aids in loading things into the cargo area as we witnessed with the loading of the ATV. At first impression, it appeared the ATV had really weighted-down the truck. Soon, however, you could see it rebound to its normal level for driving. It became obvious the lower rear was an aid to loading. We don’t know what other tricks the Cybertruck has under its skin. 

So, the Cybertruck is bulletproof?

Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla-00
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Musk says the body is bulletproof, able to take shots from a 9mm bullet. The skin is made of 3mm-thick hard, cold-rolled stainless-steel alloy. He says this was developed from the SpaceX Starship rocket skin. The glass is also supposed to be armored, though we saw two demonstrations fail in this regard. Musk was quick to point out there was no penetration. 

Realistic expectations for the EV truck segment

Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla-00
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Will all of these features plus more that haven’t been revealed overcome the negative reception to the design? They don’t have to. There are expected to be only 75,000 EV pickup sales in 2026. So, this is not a huge market. By Ford and GM getting into it with their own electrified F-150s and Silverados, it might be as much of a body block as it is to get into another truck segment. It may be strategic, as a way of not ceding any ground to an upstart manufacturer. 

It may also be a marketing strategy. Like, “Hey, we can do that just as well.” it’s an attempt to show relevancy in a world that is changing rapidly. Make no mistake, the auto world is changing by the hour. There are actually start-up upstarts making a play for vehicle production, coming from nowhere. This could never have happened before Tesla, which gets a lot of cred for it. 

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