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Tesla keeps making changes to the Cybertruck. Now, it’s rumored that it has finalized the space-like truck’s design. In the many iterations of the electric Tesla truck, there have been some features that stand out more than others. One of these are the windshield wipers. They’ve gone through several changes and at the Cybertruck’s recent appearance at the Michigan speedway showed a noticeable absence of the Cybertruck’s signature wiper blades. Here’s what else was seen at the Tesla truck’s event.

A silver Tesla Cybertruck is parked.
The Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck was missing its massive windshield wiper blade

The Tesla Cybertruck was at an event at the Michigan speedway recently, and according to Inside EVs, it was missing a major feature: its massive windshield wiper blade. While the Cybertruck had been on display just a month prior with its now-signature one massive windshield wiper, its prototype at the SAE event showed no sign of the one blade.

Some people noticed that while the Tesla Cybertruck was missing its windshield wiper blade, it had the potential for the one feature Cybertruck enthusiasts have been waiting for: lasers. The idea of laser windshield wipers has been tossed around, and is definitely a favorite idea for many.

The Cybertruck’s wiper blades have undergone several changes

The Tesla Cybertruck is unlike any other pickup truck on the market. Or really, unlike any other vehicle on the market. Part of its uniqueness is its design, which includes an extremely large windshield. Because the Cybertruck has such a large windshield, standard blades don’t quite cut it. Inside EVs says that the Tesla truck’s windshield wipers have proven to be one of the most difficult design challenges for Elon Musk and Tesla.

On Twitter, Musk tweeted, “The wiper is what troubles me most. No easy solution. Deployable wiper that stows in front trunk would be ideal, but complex.” He also noted that legal guidelines played a role in the wiper design. “Manufacturers have to ship cars with side mirrors by law, but owners are allowed to modify their cars.”

The Tesla Cybertruck SAE was an event for prospective engineers


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The Tesla Cybertruck prototype was on display at the SAE event in May of 2022. The SAE event is an international competition which some say is designed to let Tesla try to attract serious engineering talent for its company. It wasn’t the first SAE event in recent history, and the Cybertruck was on display with the Tesla semi, allowing potential engineers to get a good look at both vehicles at the same time.

Inside EVs speculates that part of the draw for Tesla bringing the wiper-less Cybertruck to the event was to allow the prospective engineers to come up with a solution for the wiper blade problem.

What kind of windshield wipers will the Tesla Cybertruck have? We’ll have to wait and see just what Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla engineers come up with. After all, Tesla has come up with so many different designs over the months since it first announced its new electric truck that it’s hard to keep track of just what the Cybertruck will end up with.