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The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most confounding vehicles there is. It doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before (although there are certainly other car manufacturers following suit). It’s supposed to have features that we’ve never seen before. And it may never actually happen. The latest Tesla Cybertruck news is that the Cybertruck is delayed again – this time indefinitely.

A silver Tesla Cybertruck is driving on the road.
A silver Tesla Cybertruck is driving on the road | Tesla, Inc.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck delayed?

Of course it is. Anyone who has been paying attention to the Tesla Cybertruck‘s changing release and delivery dates is not surprised in the least to learn that Tesla has once again changed its mind about the Cybertruck. Originally, Tesla said that the Cybertruck would begin production in late 2021, according to Car and Driver. That was back in 2019, when the Tesla Cybertruck was first revealed. Although there were questions about whether Tesla would be able to stick to that anticipated production date, Tesla remained confident that it could.

That is, until recently, when Tesla changed the production date for the Cybertruck from late 2021 to sometime in 2022. Still, Tesla customers had questions about whether this was realistic. Turns out they had good reason to be concerned. Tesla has now completely removed the Tesla Cybertruck’s production date from its website, along with its price. What does this mean for the Tesla Cybertruck?

This isn’t the first Tesla that has been (at least temporarily) canceled

Tesla is unfortunately known for not making good on its promises. The Tesla Roadster is still just a concept, as is the Semi Truck. When Elon Musk makes promises, anyone familiar with Tesla isn’t holding their breath until those promises come true.

Tesla was offering Cybertrucks with three different motors: a single-motor rear-wheel drive option, a dual-motor all-wheel drive, and a tri-motor all-wheel drive. Originally, the single and dual motor Cybertrucks were going to be built first, with the tri-motor following a year after, but as of now nobody knows when (or even if) these trucks will be produced.

Don’t worry, you can still reserve a Cybertruck

Just because no one knows when Tesla plans on beginning production on the Cybertruck doesn’t mean that you can’t still order one. Tesla is still taking deposits to reserve your very own Cybertruck. These deposits are $100 and are refundable, which may make you feel better about ordering a truck that may never be built.

How much does the Tesla Cybertruck cost? That’s a great question, and the answer is: there is no answer. While Tesla used to advertise the price on its website, that has disappeared. Yet you can still place a deposit for the un-priced, un-planned Tesla Cybertruck, which you may be inclined to still do if you’re the gambling type.

When can we expect to see the Tesla Cybertruck? Nobody knows. Will we even see a Cybertruck? We’ll have to wait and see. As long as the Tesla Cybertruck is delayed and there isn’t any official information, it’s hard to predict what will happen next. Yet the Cybertruck is intriguing enough that plenty of people will be keeping an eye on it.


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