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The Tesla Cybertruck is kind of like UFOs; it’s something hear people talk about a lot. Hell, we’ve even seen photos and videos of them. However, we can never really get the story straight on whether they are real or not. Finally, one was recently spotted out in the wild, and well, it looks a little weird. Did the Cybertruck change, or have we changed since the geometric truck was announced roughly 639 years ago (2019)? 

Tesla Cybertruck EV | Tesla

Has anyone actually seen a Tesla Cybertruck? 

We have seen the Cybertruck a few times over the years. Elon Musk, the company’s similarly UFO-like CEO, has driven one to press events and such. People have also seen one being tested around California serval times. However, this most recent sighting has some people on the internet questioning the Cybertruck’s look. 

According to CarScoops, some new shots of the Cybertruck have emerged, showing the angular mystery truck being tested on public roads in California. One shot of the truck next to a cyclist gives us some sense of the actual size and scale of the thing. But something about the front end is less attractive than some had hoped for. 

What’s going on with the Tesla Cybertruck? 

Tesla Cybertruck spotted out in the world
Tesla Cybertruck prototype | Reddit: u/ajaysns

Twitter user @llsethj commented on the Tesla prototype by calling Tesla’s truck’s nose “stubby.” While full judgment should be held until Tesla officially releases the vehicle in 90 years, the Twitter user isn’t alone in his observation. 

The Cybertruck has never had much grace on the front end. It is all angular sheet metal, but these new photos seem to accentuate its abrupt end up front. While possible, at this point, it’s doubtful that Tesla changed anything on the front end. The more likely scenario is that the insane design of the Cybertruck might just have some less flattering angles that really shine a light on some of its less common qualities. 

Flat metal has its limitations

The same thing that makes the Tesla truck so cool is the very same thing that makes it questionable. In an interview with CNBC in December, Tesla designer Franz Von Holzhausen mentioned that the stainless steel used for the truck is so thick that it cacan’te folded into complex shapes. This means that most of the body panels are flat and straight, which we aren’t used to seeing on modern vehicles. The closest approximation we have to this is DeLorean DMC-12. Whether you’re a Cybertruck fan or not, we can all agree has a little more contour than the Tesla Truck. 

CarScoops points out another bit of design that led to some people feeling like the Tesla was stumpy. The front wheel placement is pretty advanced. This is most likely to offer more interior room. However, this does make the flat front end look even more abrupt and stumpy. 

When is the Cybertruck coming out?

This seems to be the question with no end. However, unlike all the many other timelines for introducing the Tesla Cybertruck to the public, this go around seems to come with far more truck activity. Tesla has been testing the truck publicly much more than before. The company has also released a crash test video. 

Tesla has super-duper double promised that the Cybertruck will be revealed before the end of the year. 


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