Tesla Building ’50s Themed Supercharger Station With Diners, Drive-In Movies

Tesla founder Elon Musk has been talking about this for years. But nobody ever thought anything would come from it. We should have known better. Now he wants one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations to have a 1950s theme. Even down to having a retro diner and drive-in movie section. Is this genius or crazy for Tesla?

Tesla’s 1950s-themed Supercharger location has already been determined

1950s Drive In
Cars park at Simon’s Drive-In Restaurant in 1951 in Los Angeles, California | Getty

Not only that but the location has already been determined. And there are details about the site that have been presented. So let’s be clear, this is for a Tesla charging station;  what Tesla calls a Supercharger rapid charging station. It makes perfect sense to take in some entertainment and dine while waiting for your Tesla to charge. 

If you’ve ever been to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, that is how it started. In the 1930s people waited hours to get its famous chicken dinner. Walter Knott thought a few stores and rides would help patrons pass the time while they waited. Though Knott’s chicken dinner restaurant is still serving meals, it is the theme park that has taken over and is very popular. But, we digress.

In this case, you can grab some grub, and watch parts of movies being presented in the drive-in portion. The folks at Teslarati have spilled the beans, though none of this is official, yet. A location has been chosen in Santa Monica, California. Two adjacent lots will comprise the Supercharger station and then the dining and entertainment portion. Again, none of this is official but Teslarati has it on good authority that is what is happening. 

A ’50s theme Supercharger site makes perfect sense in the context of it being from Musk

Jayne Mansfield in her Jaguar surrounded by friends
Actress Jayne Mansfield, actor Lance Fuller, actor John Smith, actress Natalie Wood, and actor Bob Fuller pose at a drive-in restaurant in Los Angeles, CA | Getty

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Tesla and Musk go to the beat of their own drums. While this all seems a bit wacky it makes perfect sense in the context of it being from Musk. And it makes sense as a time killer for those charging their vehicles. Not only is there money to be made on the charge itself but now customers can spend at the diner and drive-in. Tesla merchandise could also be sold in a little kiosk.

Now the kiddies will be begging to charge the family EV. In effect, it turns something that is an annoyance into something that can be pleasurable. Tesla owners are some of the most loyal car owners in the world. This is yet another feature that sets Tesla apart from all other carmakers and looks to be another perk for Tesla owners. We’ll have to check it out once it is up and running.