Tesla Bests Porsche in Owner-Satisfaction Survey


Tesla keeps clawing its way up the pedestal to meet the luxury auto powers-that-be, this time beating out Porsche in a recent customer owner-satisfaction survey conducted by none other than Consumer Reports. When it comes to the auto market — luxury cars, in particular — customers truly want the entire package. Gone are the days when consumers were willing to throw down a relatively meager amount of cash for a cheap, bare-bones car that will simply be used for commuting. No, these days people want it all — the gadgets, the safety, and the reliability.

When it comes to Tesla’s increasingly popular Model S luxury sedan, owners are apparently happy with all of the above and then some.

The survey, which found that the average satisfaction rating among car owners of all brands was about 70%, included owners of more than 280 different vehicles. Only four of those models had 50% of their owners declare that they would definitely buy that car again. Overall, people are generally pretty happy with their vehicles, but Tesla’s Model S was still a truly shining example of how far the young company has come in a very short amount of time.

“We asked subscribers whether they would get the same car all over again, and to consider attributes such as styling, comfort, features, cargo space, fuel economy, maintenance and repair costs, overall value, and driving dynamics,” Consumer Reports writes. “Owners of a sporty, luxurious, or fuel-efficient hybrid or electric- or diesel-powered vehicle were most likely to answer ‘definitely yes.’”

So, how many of those Model S owners answered “definitely yes”? A whopping 98%. That’s impressive for any vehicle made by any company, let alone a fully electric luxury car with a price tag that can regularly exceed $90,000.

On top of that 98% owner-satisfaction score, this marks the second year in a row that the Model S has topped the U.S. survey. Last year, the vehicle marked up a 99% approval rating, so there was a slight decline; but considering that there really wasn’t anywhere to go except down, perhaps that’s not all that surprising, or anything to worry about for Elon Musk and company.

For comparison, one of Tesla’s luxury competitors from the European side of the pond, Porsche, scored an average of 87% across its model lines. That’s still a very impressive score, and it’s even more impressive considering how many more models the company has on the market compared to Tesla at the current time. With SUVs, sedans, roadsters, and others, there is definitely room for a few more dissatisfied customers on Porsche’s end of things, as Tesla currently only has the Model S available for purchase.

For further comparison to what else is on the market, the Chevy Corvette Stingray scored a very nice 95% on the survey as well, putting it toward the top of the pile as far as sports cars go. The Corvette’s victory holds some significant meaning for GM, which is coming off one of the worst years any automaker has ever had with recalls that have encompassed millions of vehicles. The fact that customers are so happy with the Corvette is a good sign that the market still has faith in the company.

But still, Tesla’s victory in this recent survey can’t be understated. Elon Musk’s company continues to be looked upon by many with a skeptical eye, as the public still doesn’t seem to be 100% sold on the idea of electric cars, especially electric sport or luxury cars. But they are definitely coming around, and these surveys prove. Not only are Tesla’s cars apparently worth every penny (and they’re worth a lot of pennies), but almost everyone who owns one would be willing to make the same purchase again at the drop of a hat.

Imagine if all automakers had that kind of customer confidence? When future Tesla models hit the market, it will be interesting to see if things change. But for now, the Model S is the king of owner satisfaction.

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