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The Tesla Cybertruck was the major announcement at Tesla’s 2019 event. However, Elon Musk also brought on stage an electric ATV. Neither vehicle has officially graced the market, but buyers had access to an alternative for their kids at the end of 2021. However, barely a year later, the “Cyberquads” are being recalled with the extra incentive of a full refund.

Details of the Tesla ATV recall

A red Tesla logo, maker of the Tesla ATV.
Tesla logo | Getty Images

The Tesla Cyberquads were technically the toy version of the Tesla ATV presented during the 2019 Tesla Cybertruck reveal event. The event happened in November of 2019, with one of the highlights being a demo of breakproof glass on the Cybertruck that didn’t go as intended.

The full-size ATV still hasn’t made it to the market, but the Cyberquads were available in December 2021 on Tesla’s website. It cost buyers $1,900 and was designed to reach speeds of up to 10 mph. Also, it was made by Radio flyer, a company with an exclusive license for building and selling Tesla-themed ride-on toys.

While technically a toy for kids eight years or older, the Cyberquads also legally qualify as “youth ATVs,” a fact that has caused problems for the EV manufacturer. As youth ATVs, Cyberquads need to meet several safety standards, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Examples include having a CPSC-approved ATV action plan necessary for the toys’ manufacture, sale, or distribution. ATV action plans include age recommendations, safety information, rider training, and other safety measures.

The Cyberquads also didn’t fulfill the mechanical suspension or maximum tire pressure requirements of youth ATVs. Given these standards help reduce the risks of injury or death due to crashes, it’s no surprise there’s a recall on the Tesla-themed ATVs.

Fortunately, Tesla and Radio Flyer are offering a full refund for buyers who heed the recall dated 27th October 2022. Also, there are safe kid’s ATV alternatives you can get with the money you get back if you feel bad about taking away the Cyberquad.

How do you get the refund?

Owners need to immediately stop using the Cyberquads, although this doesn’t qualify you for a refund. You’ll have to remove the motor controller and send it back to Radio Flyer in a prepaid envelope to get the money. You can get the prepaid envelope by filling in an online form on the Radio Flyer website, which requires your order number to confirm the purchase.

You’ve probably already received a call from Radio flyer, given the company is contacting all buyers directly. The Radio Flyer website also provides details on locating and removing the motor controller.

Owners who send back the motor controller will receive the $1,900 they paid for the device plus $50. The $50 should help cover the disposal of the rest of the machine according to local law. That said, CNN Business notes there’s no requirement to throw it out.

The units sold

Radio Flyer made about 5,000 units of the Cyberquad which quickly sold out. Not all will be sent back, as some may have been damaged and disposed of during use. However, since it’s only a few months since the toy ATVs went on sale, most of the motor controllers will likely make it back.

Also, with the production of the Tesla Cybertruck set to begin in 2023, it may not be too long before the non-toy version Tesla ATV graces the market. After all, both vehicles were first presented to the world at the same event. That said, there are still other 2022 available ATVs for those who can’t wait.


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