5 Terrible 2022 EVs That Owners Still Love, According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports have tested many electric vehicles that didn’t fare well with the reviewers, like Tesla models. The publication rated the cars with poor scores, especially in the reliability area. Despite all the negative reviews, owners don’t seem to be phased. In fact, many still love the 2022 EVs they bought. Why did some of these vehicles get such high owner satisfaction ratings?

What goes into Consumer Reports owner satisfaction score?

Consumer Reports sends out a survey to current owners of a particular vehicle to find out what experience the drivers may have had with their purchase. The publication tracks driving and comfort responses, including how well the car drives and how comfortable they feel driving in it. 

It also checks to see what owners feel about the vehicle’s styling and whether the owners think they got what they wanted for the price they ultimately paid for their car. 

One last thing goes into the owner’s satisfaction score, and that’s by asking them if they would purchase that exact vehicle again if given a chance. So, how well did drivers of these five vehicles like their purchases?

1. Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen’s ID.4 scored pretty low with Consumer Reports. That’s because the publication didn’t like the lack of physical controls. The ID.4 offers plenty of luxury, but the SUV contains too many touch screen buttons to access the various programs, which makes it frustrating. Also, predicted reliability was one of the worst in its category. 

However, the Volkswagen ID.4 owners were pleased with their purchase. The best part of the SUV was the comfort level, as reported on CR’s survey sent out. Drivers of this vehicle also loved its styling and how it drove down the road. Its value category wasn’t quite as high as the other segments, but it still received a relatively high score. 

2. Polestar 2 make great EVs

A black Polestar 2 car on a white platform.
Polestar 2 | Getty Images

Concerning luxury compact cars, the Polestar 2 has some good qualities. CR liked its acceleration time, transmission, braking performance, and excellent fuel economy. However, that’s about all. The sedan takes a long time to charge, riding comfort leaves a lot to be desired with its excessive choppiness, and the interior is too cramped. 

Owners of this electric vehicle didn’t seem deterred by all its bad reviews. The owner’s satisfaction score was near perfect, but no data was available for what the drivers thought of its driving experience, comfort levels, styling, and value. However, we know that 75% of the people who responded to the survey said they would buy it again, according to Consumer Reports

3. Tesla Model S

Tesla’s Model S received some praise for parts of the vehicle, which include fuel economy, transmission, and braking performance. But, the sedan didn’t get an excellent overall score due to its poor predicted reliability rating. 

Those who own the Tesla Model S were pretty pleased with their purchase. According to Consumer Reports, all respondents loved the way the EV drives. Also, they liked how comfortable it is and how nice it looks on the exterior and the interior. 

4. Tesla Model Y as a great EV option

According to Consumer Reports, the Tesla Model Y didn’t score well on the Luxury Compact SUV list. While the reviewers rated the driving experience reasonably high, its predicted reliability, limited range, and long charging times contributed to the vehicle’s shortcomings. 

However, the owners of this model still loved it anyway. They liked how it drove, its styling, and the level of comfort they got from their vehicle. The only issue found by owners was the SUVs value, which they felt was in the average range or middle of the road. 

5. Tesla Model X


Consumer Reports Names the 5 Most Reliable Cars for 2022

Consumer Reports gave this model a meager overall score for several reasons. Wind noise is prominent in the cabin, the ride is very stiff, the controls are distracting, poor visibility, and there’s no Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also, its predicted reliability rating is as low as any vehicle can get. 

Surprisingly, owners of the Model X disagreed with CR in many areas. Survey results showed that drivers of the electric SUV loved how well it drove and how comfortable it was. However, when it came to the value category, not many people felt they were getting what they paid for. 

Consumer Reports has excellent advice to keep in mind when purchasing a vehicle the publication has reviewed. However, as with anything, not everyone will agree with the site’s assessment. Those who have driven a car for an extended time can have different experiences than Consumer Reports editors who spend a shorter amount of time testing it.