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The news must go on, or so it seemed as this newscast blabbed on while just behind him disaster struck. Someone’s new GMC Sierra HD Denali was slowly being swallowed up in the lake. And the slow demise of the expensive truck was all caught on film for posterity. 

This happened at Lake Springfield in Illinois. A news crew for ABC News Channel 20 was taping a talking head when just behind him a boat was being launched. And successfully, we might add. 

The news crew seemed unaware one GMC Sierra was slipping into the lake

Sinking GMC Sierra
Sinking GMC Sierra | YouTube

But then the GMC Sierra began moving down the boat launch. While onlookers waved their hands and watched, the GMC truck slid into the lake bubbling about. And the talking head blabbed on, completely unaware of the drama unfolding right behind him. 

It is unclear exactly what happened. This seemed to be a successful boat launch. But for whatever reason, the GMC Sierra went into the drink after the boat was in. We know there are no recalls for brake or park issues. So it is hard to tell. 

Later that evening the Sangamon County Rescue Squad fished the truck out of the lake. Even a short stay underwater means the truck is totaled. But especially with it in the lake for hours before being rescued, it’s toast. 

There are a few simple steps to avoid what was the fate of this GMC Sierra

Sinking GMC Sierra
Sinking GMC Sierra | YouTube

There are a multitude of videos on YouTube showing similar dunkings. Failed launchings look to be as common as flies. But following a few simple steps can prevent this from happening to you. Keep these in mind if you’re going to be launching a boat from a ramp for the first time.

First, make sure everything you’ll need once you’re in the water is in the boat. Once you get your turn don’t delay, but don’t rush, either. Just remember there are others waiting to do their launch, too. Once you’ve successfully launched your boat don’t create a huge wake with your truck as you depart.

Make sure you have the practice to back up boats and trailers beforehand. You don’t want to hold things up making numerous attempts to line the boat up. Tie a line to the bow and then give the front cable some slack. Make sure the boat is hanging out about a foot past the rear of the trailer before entering the water. 

Here’s how to successfully launch a boat

retrieving a sunk GMC Sierra
Sunk GMC Sierra | Sangamon County Rescue

After you put a couple of feet of slack into the cable, lock it. Then slowly back the boat down the launch. As the boat gets into the water tap your brakes slightly a couple of times to help nudge it in. Once part of the trailer is in the water the boat should start to float. Helpers should make sure the boat stays lined up and doesn’t start to drift over the trailer. 

Never submerge the trailer completely. Lightly pushing the nose up and then pushing the boat back on the trailer’s rollers should get it into the water without having to submerge the trailer. Now, release the cable, and the helpers should gently continue moving the boat back before hopping in. 

The main thing is to keep your mind on what’s going on and don’t rush. Making sure drain plugs are secure, life vests are accounted for, and tying a line onto the bow should all be part of your standard procedure before launching. With everyone paying attention it should go off without a hitch. 


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