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Chevrolet Colorado with Edelbrock Supercharger

Edelbrock-Supercharged Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Makes V8 Unnecessary

The mid-size Chevrolet Colorado has a lot to offer for potential pickup buyers. And the off-roading ZR2 and ZR2 Bison trims make a Ford F-150 Raptor arguably unnecessary. But while the Colorado offers good towing capacity and fuel efficiency, its V6 can leave some owners wanting more power. The aftermarket has thankfully responded. Both Lingenfelter …
Lingenfelter Chevrolet Colorado ZR2-L

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Supercharged by Lingenfelter

The mid-size Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 has gained a significant amount of popularity in the pickup market. It’s also responded well to modifications. Demand for AEV’s ZR2 Bison, for instance, was high enough for Chevrolet to boost 2020 production. The Colorado ZR2 is also the basis for GM’s Defense Infantry Squad Vehicle. However, while the ZR2 …
2020 Chevy Silverado Race Truck-002

Chevrolet Is Desert Racing A Silverado ZR2

Chevrolet will have a Silverado truck that will be competing in the 4th annual Best in the Desert series this week in Laughlin, Nevada. A collaboration between Chevy and Hall Racing, it will run in the extreme racing series’ 1200 Stock class. As the production Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup resulted from the same collaboration, we …
2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 | Chevrolet

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Gets New Look For 2021

Truck customers are wanting more aggressive, off-road looks for their trucks. Chevy is obliging with a tougher-looking Colorado ZR2 midsize pickup. Debuting at the 2019 Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic this weekend the new look of the Colorado ZR2 will be available in 2020 as a 2021 model. The ZR2 will be the only …