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BYOB-Bring Your Own Body: Classic Car EV Modular Chassis

Own a collectible car and wonder where you’ll get gas-or get to drive it, in 10 years? You’re not alone. Every day we at MotorBiscuit are posting more cities, counties, and countries getting ready to ban gas-powered vehicles. If you’ve got a classic Packard or favorite muscle car, what’s going to happen when the gasoline …

2019 DS Zero motorcycle recall
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Recall Alert: Some Dual-Sport Zero Bikes May Have Braking Issues

EV vehicles are selling like hotcakes. They have been captivating people with their new technology, extremely fast and smooth acceleration, piles of sensors and cameras, and all other manors of sci-fi gadgetry; oh, and the whole – ya know – better for the earth part. All this new technology comes with its fair share of …

Red 2021 Soriano Giaguaro V1 Gara in front of a storage building
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A Forgotten Spanish Brand Is Now Making Italian Electric Motorcycles

The influx of electric technology hasn’t only affected trucks and cars. More and more motorcycle companies, both established and new, are creating electric models. Some, like Zero and Cake, only offer electric motorcycles. And recently, another brand announced that it would, too. But while this is the first time Soriano Motori is building electric bikes, …

Orange 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire with its rider in the background, both watching the rising sun over a canyon
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Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire Should’ve Learned From Zero Motorcycles

Despite taking off from the line quickly, Harley-Davidson’s electric LiveWire hasn’t really taken off in terms of sales figures. And the American motorcycle company’s future as a whole doesn’t look terribly bright. Which is a shame for electric motorcycle fans, because the LiveWire itself is a well-made bike. But in making it, Harley should’ve taken …

Brushed-aluminum 2021 Tarform Luna electric motorcycle on a beach
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The Tarform Luna Electric Motorcycle Goes All in on Sustainability

Battery-powered bikes, like other EVs, have benefits besides high performance. However, although electric motorcycles do generate fewer emissions, not all of their building materials are necessarily as kind to the planet. And for many potential owners, there’s always the question of, not just battery range, but battery longevity. Brooklyn-based Tarform’s Luna, though, is trying to …

2020 Energica Eva EsseEsse9+
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You Don’t Need to Shift to Enjoy These Automatic Motorcycles

With today’s wide assortment of motorcycles, ranging from café racers to dual sports to touring bikes, potential owners can generally find the bike that suits their interests. But there’s one thing most of these bikes share: a clutch lever. And that’s something that can intimidate a lot of newer riders. Even entry-level bikes like the …

2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro
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Fastest Dual Sport Motorcycles

Dirt bikes can be a great introduction to motorcycling. They’re easy to repair, and not quick enough to really get you into trouble (apart from the racing versions). But, they’re generally not street-legal, which means you’ll have to haul them to a trail or course. Some touring bikes can go off-road, but they’re really more …