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Watch This Jeep Cherokee XJ Get Washed for the First Time in a Decade

There’s nothing quite like finding the vehicle that all your dreams are made of. For this particular automotive writer, that meant finally finding a two-door Jeep Cherokee XJ. Unfortunately for said automotive writer, the Jeep Cherokee XJ of his dreams was pretty grimy. Finding the perfect Jeep Cherokee XJ There’s nothing quite like finding your …

1997 Jeep Cherokee Police Group 4x4
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The Worst Jeep Cherokee XJ Models You Should Never Buy

Have you been noticing Jeep Cherokee XJ models popping up around your city? These classic Jeep models are really starting to rise in popularity. But don’t buy a used Jeep Cherokee just because the square body looks cool. Do your homework to learn which models need to be avoided.  The Used Jeep Cherokee XJ models …

1967 Ford Bronco
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These Classic SUVs Have Bronco Style Without the Price Tag

Even before Ford introduced the remake, the Bronco’s popularity has been on the rise. Even amongst other classic SUVs, Ford Bronco values are particularly high. And that’s before restomod companies like Zero Labs or Gateway Broncos get to them. However, if you’re after the old-school styling and off-road capabilities, there are a few Bronco alternatives. …