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Consumer Reports Says These Are the 2 Least Reliable Volvo SUVs

Since the introduction of the second-generation Volvo XC90 in 2015, the Swedish brand has developed some of the sharpest-looking SUVs on sale. The midrange XC60 and the tiny XC40 share crucial design elements that unify the entire SUV lineup. However, Consumer Reports recently ranked two of these prominent Volvos as some of the least reliable …

Volvo XC90
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The Most Complained About Volvo SUVs

Since the SUV and crossover phase started gaining traction in the US, Volvo has offered something in the segment. Over the year we’ve seen the Volvo XC line rise in popularity among families. Then there are other drivers that want the benefits and versatility of an SUV. However, not every consumer experience has been flawless. …

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Volvo Announces Its Worst Recall Ever for a Big Safety Issue

On Wednesday, Volvo Cars announced their biggest recall ever. Volvo said that over 2.1 million vehicles are affected. The recall is spread amongst multiple models. Volvo Cars says the recall was announced as preventative in nature. Wear on the seat belt wire According to reports on Reuter’s and the Associated Press, a steel wire that …