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A BMW X6 on display at an auto show
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The 2020 BMW X6 Dominates Other Luxury SUVs

The luxury SUV segment accounts for a good size chunk of the booming family SUV market. The 2020 BMW X6 earned a place in the top spot on the J.D. Power list of the highest quality family SUV. It had the fewest problems recorded per 100 vehicles (PP100). It’s actually a very prestigious award among …
BMW X5 parked under a modern home roof
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You Better Hope Your SUV Isn’t on This List

If you are thinking about buying a used SUV, you’ll probably want to review the ones on this list. According to CarWow, the following SUVs make up the list of the least reliable SUVs of the last decade. For the past 10 years, these SUVs have been giving owners a lot of trouble. They range …
The BMW X6 M on display at the Dream Car exposition, which is part of the Brussels Motor Show

The 2020 BMW X6 Dominated the Competition in a Consumer Study

It would be easy to assume that luxury vehicles also provide high quality. It turns out that not all luxury vehicles are equal in that regard. J.D. Power has checked in with consumers to see what sorts of problems they’ve experienced with their new vehicles. One SUV that scored quite highly, demonstrating plenty of initial …

The 2020 BMW X6 Offers a Lot If You Can Get Past Its Looks

BMW is known for beautifully designed, classic-looking models but the German carmaker tried funking it up with its revamped 2020 X6 SUV. This SUV was created to stand out in the crowd, but we can’t help but think the unique styling is questionable. Nonetheless, if you are able to look past its odd exterior, you’ll …