A BMW X6 on display at an auto show
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The 2020 BMW X6 Dominates Other Luxury SUVs

The luxury SUV segment accounts for a good size chunk of the booming family SUV market. The 2020 BMW X6 earned a place in the top spot on the J.D. Power list of the highest quality family SUV. It had the fewest problems recorded per 100 vehicles (PP100). It’s actually a very prestigious award among …

2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition

BMW, Take Note: Honda’s Keeping ‘Type R’ Exclusive

There aren’t many vehicles with the Honda Civic’s bandwidth. One reason for the compact sedan’s popularity is there’s a version for everybody. The base Civic is a comfortable and fairly-reliable commuter. For those who want a bit more spice, there’s the Civic Si. And, a few years ago, Honda finally brought over the Civic Type …

Tuned BMW X6 M
Crossover & Midsize

The BMW X6 M Is Fast, but Is It Practical?

Although BMW made a name for itself with sporty cars like the M5, today the German automaker is just as well known for its luxury SUVs. Models like the X7 may be expensive, but they’re receiving good reviews. However, BMW hasn’t forgotten how to mix speed with eye-catching style. In fact, it’s fast SUVs like …