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A white lowered Honda S2000 with rolled fenders.

What Is Fender Rolling?

If you plan to fit wider wheels and tires on your car, you may need to roll its fender. But what is fender rolling and how much does it cost to have it done?
Two chocolate wheels and two chocolate boxes

Chocolate Wheels: You Can Have Your Car and Eat It Too

Chocolate and cars are wonderful things. Chocolate is so tasty and cars give us freedom and a world of possibilities. 4Design, a Japanese company, combined these two things by creating a mold that enables you to create your own chocolate wheels at home. Are you hungry yet?
Jaguar D-type spare wheels and tires

4 of the Worst Things You Can Do To Your Wheels

Your car’s wheels are one of the most important and yet most underrated aspects of your car. The only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, we depend on our wheels and tires to keep us safe and heading in the direction we want to go. It’s surprising, then, how many people treat …
A red brake caliper is tucked in behind a silver wheel with a red accented center cap that says, Kia.

3 Ways Aftermarket Wheels are Ruining Your Car

Having aftermarket wheels has become increasingly popular in the automotive world, even for standard drivers who wouldn’t call themselves car enthusiasts. In a world where hubcaps are quickly dying out — thankfully — having different styles and sizes of the wheel is becoming one of the most obvious factors that separate trim levels of the …
A worker inspects aluminum alloy wheel hubs at an aluminum company

Are Aluminum Alloy Wheels Worth It?

Steel wheels may be more affordable than aluminum alloy wheels, but as it turns out, the pricier option may actually save you money in the long run. Aluminum wheels are an immensely popular add-on when people purchase new cars, and for good reason: They have a huge number of benefits, according to Les Schwab. Here’s …
2021 MINI Countryman powered by X-Raid

You Should Keep Your Car’s Factory Wheels

The wheels on your car can make a big difference in appearance, and it makes sense why people want to switch them around. Whether you want to add a custom touch or just make your car look a little bit sportier, swapping your car’s factory wheels for something aftermarket always seems like a good option. …
A one hundred dollar bill is being pulled from a wallet.

8 Genius Ways To Save Money On Driving

The addition of a vehicle to your household means more money out of pocket. Hopefully, you did some shopping and found a good deal on a vehicle. Maybe you even budgeted for oil changes, wiper blade replacements, and other necessary maintenance that a vehicle will need during its lifetime. Assuming you’ve got that covered, there are ways to save …
A selection of various aftermarket wheels in various sizes arranged in display cases

Changing Your Tire and Wheel Size Isn’t as Easy as It Looks

Compared to installing turbo kits or other extensive modifications, giving your vehicle new wheels and tires seem pretty straightforward. It’s also a chance many use to fit larger wheels, and larger tires to along with them. But there’s more to swapping tire and wheel sizes than just bolting on new parts. Because if it’s not …
2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited High Altitude | FCA

What Is the Difference Between Powertrain and Drivetrain?

Powertrain and drivetrain are some pretty common terms that get tossed around in auto industry jargon. But what do each of these words actually mean? Are they the same or different? It can help to know various terms that are common in the industry. Whether you are reading up on a certain vehicle as a …
A square pumpkin next to a round wheel

This Truck with Square Wheels Proved ‘Mythbusters’ Wrong

Everyone knows that square tires don’t work, right? Well, not exactly. Even though cavemen supposedly figured this out many moons ago, MythBusters still decided to put this theory to the test and proved that square wheels are inferior to round wheels. Not everyone agreed with this, however, and the guys at Whistlin Diesel decided to …
2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty Mac Truck

The Pros and Cons of Bigger Truck Wheels

One of the most important things to improve before taking your truck off-roading is ground clearance. This keeps your truck’s underbody—and all its mechanical components—from hitting big rocks and other obstacles. In addition, as factory off-roaders like the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 demonstrate, adding ground clearance improves approach and departure angles, letting the truck crawl over …