A silver 2001 Volkswagen Beetle RSI in front of a red-brick building
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The Volkswagen Beetle RSI: An $80,000 Golf R32 Preview

The Golf name has adorned quite a few high-performance Volkswagens. And before the R, the fastest Golf was the all-wheel-drive R32. But before the hot hatch received its powertrain, another VW product tested it out first. Which led to one of the rarest, fastest, and priciest Volkswagen Beetles ever: the Beetle RSI. Volkswagen Beetle RSI …

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The 2008 Volkswagen R32 Is a High-Performance Hot Hatch Bargain

The Volkswagen GTI is credited with being the original “hot hatchback” as its fun-to-drive nature was attribute to its high-performing four-cylinder engine, small dimensions, and stellar handling capabilities. However, what happens when you add a bigger engine and all-wheel drive? You get a Volkswagen R32. The Volkswagen R32 first appeared for the 2004 model year …