2020 Honda Super Cub C125
2 Wheels

Is a Vespa or Honda Super Cub Better for Urban Riders?

Although there are plenty of classic-looking motorcycles on the market, some are on the heavy side, which can be intimidating to smaller or newer riders. They’re also not exactly cheap: even one of Janus Motorcycles’ bikes starts at $6,995. However, in terms of offering inexpensive, stylish transportation, both the Honda Cub and Vespa scooters have …

Tutto Mundo Racing's classic Vespas
2 Wheels

Want an Off-Road Rally Machine? Try a Vespa Scooter

Sometimes, the greatest fun in racing is running with unconventional machines. Instead of race-prepped SUVs and trucks, taking a Porsche 911, or a Mazda Miata. At this year’s Mexico 1000, one team is applying that logic to two wheels. But rather than using a rally-ready Honda dirt bike, or high-power dual-sport, Tutto Mondo Racing is …