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A sprinter van camps outside by a fire

Why Are Sprinter Camper Vans So Expensive?

If you're into the #vanlife, chances are that you have looked into converting a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and then got discouraged when you saw how much it costs. But why is it so expensive to convert one of these large vans into a camper?
The Peugeot logo in the rain

Van Life Gets a Little More Low-Key With the Peugeot Rifter

Personally, I'm one of those weirdos that likes to be inconvenienced when camping. The van life is, in most cases, the antithesis of that logic. Vans are all about bringing all you can. However, I like sleeping in a tent, cooking over an open fire, and taking as little "fluff" as possible when I get outside. Heck, I camp in a sports car, the automotive equivalent of bringing a camping knife to a camping gunfight. However, this little Peugeot Rifter simplifies the van life, I love it, and so should you.
Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear V6 1996 camper van | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

5 Affordable Camper Vans That Are Actually Cool

Campers are increasing in popularity by the day, it seems. As COVID continues as an unfortunate fixture in our lives, the need to travel safely and socially distanced continues to be of the utmost importance. The problem is, the coolest campers can cost some pretty serious money. Airstream and Winnebago can easily get well into …
A white 2021 Ford Transit AWD with the Adventure Prep Package drives up a forest hill

Do the 2021 Ford Transit’s New Packages Turn It Into a Mini RV?

It’s not just RVs that have exploded in popularity recently. Their smaller counterparts, camper vans, and the associated #vanlife trend have similarly grown within the public consciousness. Enough that a few manufacturers are starting to get in on the trend. RV maker Winnebago, for example, is turning Mercedes Sprinters into camper vans. Volkswagen’s been in …
Thor Motor Coach Siesta Class C motor home rv on display

RV Enthusiasts Are Showing That 65 Is the Speed of Business

The dawn of the global COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on a lot of the business plans. Suddenly, business owners were no longer able to pop-in at client sites and schmooz with their customers, or potential customers. In fact, a lot of the frequent business travelers have had to adjust away from flying as readily …
2020 Transit AWD with a high-roof traversing a dirt path

The 2020 Ford Transit XL AWD High Roof Moves Vanlifers to Overlanding

Some people like the appeal of vanlife. They typically have work that can be done anywhere. So, the nomadic lifestyle lends itself to adventurous opportunities while still holding down a paycheck. But, some of those vanlife enthusiasts do not want to be held back by paved roadways. They want a van platform that can take …
2019 American Eagle RV from American Coach.

RV Manufacturer, American Coach Celebrates 30 Years With Special Models

If you’ve ever driven by an RV dealer or stopped in at one, then you know that there are all types and sizes of recreational vehicles available. There’s one for every budget, new or used. Undoubtedly, you’ve also probably come across an advertisement or television show that highlights the benefits of luxury RV units. Well, …
a dark red Nissan NV driving off road in the forest with recreational gear loaded up top

Don’t Waste Your Money on These Van Life Scams

There are plenty of people out there that consider making a shift toward van life. The blissfully free life of nomadic adventure is alluring. Some may think that they can’t afford to start life on the road. This video, however, shows that if you make some sacrifices and minimize your setup the freedom of the …
Ford transit like this green passenger van come with both diesel and gasoline engine options

Full-Size Conversions Vans Are Still A Thing – A Beautiful Large Thing

Full-size conversion vans were the cats meow back in the 1970s. The large van platforms provided lots of room for people to customize them inside and out. But, by the mid-1980s, market share started retracting for the regular consumer. Although the vans were still popular for commercial business fleet sales, the regular market had instead …
A white, double axle, pull behind RV trailer

Rejuvenate Your RV With These Crafty Decorating Ideas

I am a self-proclaimed “Car Nut”. I suffer from OCOB, Obessive Car On Brain Disorder. As such, I often visualize how I am going to modify a vehicle that I own. Sometimes it is a mild customization like wider tires and window tint, while other times the visualization involves lift kits, lowering kits, fancy paint, …
Three USPS trucks are awaiting loading and unloading.

What RV Owners Need To Know About Mail Forwarding

If you decide to become a fulltime or most-time RV traveler, you are going to need a good support system. Personal relationships that will check in on you to make sure you are okay is great, but ensuring the flow of mail to the town you park your RV is critical too! If you are …
Commercial vehicles of the Sprinter type are built at the Mercedes-Benz AG Ludwigsfelde plant

The Mercedes Alphavan is King of the Custom Camper Vans

Until recently, camper vans and RVs have often occupied either grandma or weird-cousin Eddie spot in both the motoring and the camping world. They are neither fun enough to drive nor rugged enough for either (pun intended) camp to be fully satisfied. Although the past few years have given rise to various boutique campers and …
Firefighters protect an escaping RV from a wild fire.

These Tips Can Keep Your RV From Burning To the Ground

Being out on the road in an RV can be liberating. Traveling to destinations of scenic beauty or historical significance can be a thrilling part of an adventure. But, just as any trip can be satisfying, it can also be more challenging. One of the ways to avoid some of the pitfalls that an RV can …
A silver Winnebago Revel RV sits atop a hill on at dusk.

Don’t Make These RV Newbie Mistakes

Many people consider making a full-time living, or most-time living, in an RV. In fact, RV related videos on Youtube are plentiful and show people enjoying traveling, nature, and the adventure that comes with the lifestyle. But don’t be fooled. There are both challenges and benefits to RV living. Youtubers don’t always upload the challenges …