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Vanity License Plate - Vermont
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Having Trouble Getting Your Car Tagged? Call Up the Vermont DMV

Getting a new (or maybe more appropriate for this article, old car) vehicle is really exciting. You fawn over it and clean it endlessly, ordering parts in a frenzy to set it up just the way you want it. Then you remember the DMV. Depending on which state you live in, this can be quite …
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This Rare License Plate Was Auctioned Off for $500k

Have you ever thought about getting a personalized license plate for your car, but shrugged it off because you didn’t want to pay the yearly fee for it? You’re not alone, but what’s more, there are people out there that will pay their top dollar for a personalized plate. In fact, in the UK, one …
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Is it Illegal to Obscure Your License Plate?

You may have seen other cars with tinted screens over their license plates or perhaps another device that obscures it and wondered why anyone would want to put that on their car. More often than not, it’s so that they can get away from the prying eye of traffic cameras, but is it even legal …
2.7 GPA Ferrari
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The Real Story Behind the 2.7 GPA Ferrari

Sometimes finding out the truth behind a myth that makes the story even better. This is just one of those times. Here is the real story behind the 2.7 GPA Ferrari straight from the owner. A Reddit thread called ‘This Vanity Tag’ went viral with a picture of a black Ferrari with the license plate 2.7 …