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2020 Roush Ford F-150

The Toyota Tundra and the Ford F-150 Actually Agree on Something

The Toyota Tundra and the Ford F-150 F-150 are in the same half-ton pickup truck class together. These full-size trucks are definitely different, though. As different as they are, they actually agree on something. The J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study has named both vehicles the most dependable large light duty pickup trucks in …
A Toyota Tundra pickup truck being unveiled at an auto show.

How Will the Toyota Tundra Survive Until 2022?

The rumored release of the 2022 Toyota Tundra has truck lovers everywhere anticipating the cold hard facts. One thing we do know, however, is that the 2020 Toyota Tundra is dated. So dated, in fact, that some have even said it’s the worst truck on the market today. The current Tundra pickup truck comes equipped …
The 2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro on display

The Best Used Toyota Tundra Model Years

Do you know how much the new 2020 Toyota Tundra costs? Well, spoiler alert, they cost a lot. The base model starts around $33k. Sure, the base model is loaded with a V8 and other bells and whistles, but so are the used models. Check out the best options to save with a used Toyota …
The 2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro on display

The Most Frustrating Toyota Tundra Issues

In the battle of the big trucks, the Toyota Tundra comes in hot against the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500. As a reliable option with a V8 in the base model, what could go wrong with choosing this truck? Well, a lot can actually. Check out what frustrates Toyota Tundra drivers the most.  Popular Toyota …

5 Good Full-size Pickup Trucks for Under $10,000

Pickup trucks are the most popular vehicle in America. And for good reason. The full-size truck can roll up its sleeves for heavy hauling and get dirty, while still accomodating child safety seats. A pickup truck is up for a little rough and tumble, yet it can also boast plush interiors that compete with the …
a new white Toyota Sienna with the sun shine in the bareback ride

The 2021 Toyota Sienna Still Isn’t Cool Enough For TRD

The 2021 Toyota Sienna was just revealed to the masses. It rides on a 4-cylinder hybridized powertrain with an available AWD package. The new exterior style of the Toyota is outlandish and bold, placing it at the top of the cool minivan competition. However, there is one big thing we were hoping for that didn’t …
2021 Toyota Tundra Trail Edition parked near mountains

The Toyota Tundra Is The Most Reliable Truck

The Toyota Tundra has been ranking behind competitors and coming in last in a variety of lists. However, it beats the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 in terms of reliability. As a result, the Tundra has been named the most reliable truck of 2020. Check out why the Toyota Tundra is the most dependable.  The …