A mechanic measures a tire's pressure using a handheld gauge
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How Does a Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

From punctures to improper wheel alignments, there’s a lot that can affect or damage your tires’ ability to maintain pressure. Luckily many modern cars come with sensors to let you know in real-time if there’s a problem. But these tire pressure monitoring systems aren’t infallible, which is why some OEMs are working on updating them. …

Mechanic performing a wheel alignment
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What Does a Wheel Alignment Do Exactly?

Driving wears away at your car, and not just through paint chips and scratches. Your tires work through friction, and eventually, they’re worn to the point they need replacement. Normally, that takes tens of thousands of miles, especially with regular rotation. But if you’re replacing your tires after just a few months, you may need …