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What’s The Actual Difference Between Performance and Comfort Suspensions?

More often than not, we recognize the words related to the suspension rather than understanding exactly what they mean. For luxury cars, we expect a smoother, more comfortable suspension, and for sports cars, we want something that offers a bit more performance. Some high-end cars even offer the ability to switch between suspension modes, allowing …
Nissan Titan XD
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How Much Does Lifting Your Truck Cost?

Are you looking to do some serious off-road driving in your truck and need some extra clearance? Or do you just want to look cool as you effortlessly glide over the speed bumps at the local grocery store parking lot? Either way, you’ll need to lift your truck. However, there are different ways to go …
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Does Lowering Your Car Make it Faster?

How many times have you pulled up next to a lowered Honda Civic at a stoplight and marveled at the fact that it’s sitting two inches off the ground and wondered why anyone even do that to their car? Lowering your car can make it look better and even handle better when done properly. But …
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The Honda Civic Type R Is Really Just An Engineer’s Plaything

The Honda Civic Type R has been smashing records and utterly dominating the front-wheel-drive category since it made its debut in 2017. It’s such a good performer that that’s mainly what any car enthusiast thinks about when you utter the words “Civic Type R.” And while it’s still a Civic Hatchback underneath all of that …
A mechanic working to fix a Ford F-150 with engine problems
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5 of the Most Expensive Car Repairs

No matter which way you slice it, car ownership can get really expensive. From monthly finance or lease payments to high insurance rates, the cost of owning a car can skyrocket depending on the car’s age and condition. However, an even larger factor is the cost of repairs, especially if you own an older car. …
Mechanic performing a wheel alignment
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What Does a Wheel Alignment Do Exactly?

Driving wears away at your car, and not just through paint chips and scratches. Your tires work through friction, and eventually, they’re worn to the point they need replacement. Normally, that takes tens of thousands of miles, especially with regular rotation. But if you’re replacing your tires after just a few months, you may need …
Mazda Miata stock vs aftermarket sway bars
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Does Your Car Need New Sway Bars?

If you want to improve your car’s handling, there are a number of modifications you can install. Tires are one of the simplest mods. But the next step is modifying the suspension. Swapping out your shock absorbers would appear to be the obvious next step. However, not only can that be expensive, done improperly, it …