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An image of a Ferrari F40 in the studio.

Stolen $1 Million Ferrari F40 Accidentally Found in Japan

The Ferrari F40 is regarded as one of the best analog supercars ever produced. As you’d imagine, this Italian supercar carries a significant premium in the used market. With just 1,311 F40‘s ever produced, you can expect to pay well over $1 million for a good example. In a recent story told on VinWiki, one …
Ford F-150 Police Responder police pickup

Counterfeit Car Parts Makers Impair Driver and Occupant Safety

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says $509 billion annually is pirated in spare parts. This counterfeit problem affects all automakers big and small. Sadly, customers may think they are getting a factory authorized replacement part, but in fact, may instead be receiving a lookalike substandard part that was made as economically inexpensive as …
Tim Lambert, Adams County Sheriffs Deputy arresting a suspect for attempted car theft of a truck

Over 40 Vehicles Stolen by 19 Children

Beginning in mid-March, dealerships in the Winston-Salem area and Kernersville area of North Carolina began to notice vehicles disappearing from their lots. Unfortunately, they weren’t disappearing because of sales. In all, over forty vehicles were stolen from multiple dealerships. The losses amount to over one million dollars of inventory.  The suspects According to Winston-Salem police, children …