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The Kia Stinger is known for being nimble while remaining practical and stylish. It boasts a great engine lineup paired with a poised ride. The interior is reasonably upscaled with lots of space for everyone. The model has one of the most affordable AWD sedans available. The AWD version of the car performs well in many different conditions, such as wet or slushy roads. With an excellent crash test rating and a bevy of different safety features, the car is more than your average sports car.

Each model year comes with advancements to the interior and exterior of the car regarding various features and styles. It remains a luxury car for an affordable price. There is also the possibility of an EV version in the future as the world moves toward a cleaner source of energy. With a large cargo area, a multitude of standard technical advancements, great performance and handling, and a multitude of safety features, it is no wonder that the Stinger is continuously growing in popularity.

About Kia

  • 2022 Kia Stinger (Starting MSRP: $36,090)
  • Pro: The sports car offers great performance, safety features, and technical advancements for an affordable price. 
  • Con: With the model being so close to the ground, it can be difficult for taller individuals to enter or exit the car. It is also a little snug once inside as well. 
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