2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody Redeye doing donuts in parking lot
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Watch: 2021 SRT Wide Body Hellcat Redeye Doing Donuts Crashes

Watching an $80,000 Dodge Hellcat Redeye Wide Body get munched doing donuts is cringeworthy. Especially when it is brand new. But hey, that’s what we’re here for-cringeworthy car-crazy crashes! This YouTube video was just posted last week. Now you can see what it’s like to smack a new Hellcat Redeye into a wall SRT Bree is …

A silver and black 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat driving on a track
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The 2021 Dodge Durango Has Expensive Drawbacks

The 2021 Dodge Durango seems to be on the back burner, so we decided to investigate why. It turns out the Dodge Durango could be getting ignored due to its expensive list of add-on features that may come standard with rivals.  Is the 2021 Dodge Durango a good SUV?  Yes, the 2021 Dodge Durango is …

Ford Expedition towing a camper trailer
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3 SUVs as Capable as a Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks have their purpose. They are capable and utilitarian, boasting the undeniable utilitarian benefits of a truck bed. They are also fierce towing machines. But for many families, a large three-row SUV like the Ford Expedition may be a better option. When it comes to towing and hauling, these 3 SUVs are the best …

A red Dodge Challenger with surfboards on top is rendered as a two-door shooting brake concept on a beach.
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Does the Dodge Challenger Need a Lifeguard Package

Automotive custom shops around the world create amazing things and some amazingly horrible things too! But, those things start with an idea. Those ideas sometimes get transferred into a paper sketch or digital media rendering. From there, workers at the custom shops get an idea of how to bend the metal, what fabricate extra parts need to …

A gray Dodge Durango sits on the turn at a track.
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The Must Underrated SUV Just Got Hellcat Power

If you have the need for speed, then check out the most underrated SUV, because it’s getting Hellcat power. If that doesn’t make you meow, then what does? Anyways, it’s the Dodge Durango that’s the most underrated SUV, and now the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat is coming.  The 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat  Yeehaw, …