Toyota Tacoma at River Road Rally Park
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5 Reasons Overlanding is Popular

Overlanding provides people the opportunity to get outdoors and explore. Unlike the fans of #vanlife, overlanding fans want a rig that can take them anywhere, especially off-road through difficult terrain. Although vans can be converted into overlanding rigs, vans are mostly for travel on pavement. Overlanding’s goal, however, is to reach further outdoors, beyond the …

Red Tesla Model 3 with homemade solar panel trailer
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Can You Charge a Tesla Model 3 With a Solar Panel Trailer?

Despite some quality control problems, the Tesla Model 3 remains a popular EV. Though there are faster electric cars—and motorcycles—the Model 3 has all the features and range most people need. And yet, despite having access to fast chargers, some customers still suffer from range anxiety. But instead of getting a gasoline-powered backup charger, one …