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1994 Holden Commodore VR ute

Live Your El Camino Dreams with Importable Australian Utes

As pickup trucks have grown, there’s been a demand resurgence for trucks that scale closer to cars. Car-based trucks, aka ‘utes’, like Chevy’s El Camino, once formed a popular segment, though it’s been dormant for some time. Chevy first attempted to bring it back with the SSR. Honda and BMW then made some functional one-offs …
Volkswagen Golf Smyth Performance truck conversion

All the Cars Smyth Performance Can Turn into Trucks

It’s beginning to look like we should prepare for a flood of new small pickups to hit the market. Ford car-based truck test mules have been spotted running around Australia. Kia is allegedly planning a similar-sized pickup for release there, too. While no pickup version of Ford’s baby Bronco exists officially, there’s a good business …