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2021 Bajaj Qute with man for scale

Bajaj Qute: Is This the Tiniest Car Made Today?

The Bajaj Qute might be one of the smallest cars made today, even though Bajaj calls it a quadricycle. It lacks many features a car would have, and barely goes beyond 40 mph, but at the very least we'd like to try one out. Just not on any of California's freeways.
Red clay Honda car on the tip of a finger

The Tiniest Hondas Are Made of Clay

If you love art and you love Hondas, you will love what this Japanese artist has created with clay. Known for sculpting tiny animals, Kakuho Fujii doesn’t stop at pets and woodland creatures when it comes to drawing inspiration for her pieces. It turns out that Kakuho Fujii drew some major inspiration from another Japanese …
a blue Toyota Yaris driving though a rainy city

What to Consider When Buying a Small Car

Small cars are lightweight rides that are fun to drive, perfect for dashing through the city, and even ideal for adventurous road trips. Today’s most impressive small cars are a deliberate mixture of cleverness and practically, while still incorporating advanced technology and handling agility.  Small Car Factors to Consider We can’t overstate the importance of …

The 5 Smallest New Cars on the Market Today

Although SUVs are the top pick among consumers today, some city-dwellers still have a preference for small cars. And while they might not have the cargo and power capabilities of some of the bigger cars on the market, small cars do have their own advantages. In case you’re in the market for a small car, …