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Two Segway electric Dirt eBikes are side by side with a mountain backdrop.
Hybrids & Electrics

You’ll Never Guess What Segway Is Making Now

Mention the name Segway, and many people will have the image of the electric, standup personal transportation device on two wheels, a scooter of sorts. Many law enforcement agencies around the world have used the electric transporters, and they were also popularized in the Paul Blart Mall Cop movie series. But, last month, we covered how that electric …

The Honda X-Blade Is a Traffic Carver We Wish We Could Have

The Honda X-Blade isn’t the newest sport bike to come from the manufacturer, although it sure looks like one. Actually, the X-Blade the latest, and most aggressive looking, 160cc scooter that is gracing the crowded streets of India. And while it would likely do well as a proper motorcycle, we think that it works well …
Tan 1978 Puch Maxi Newport moped in the grass
2 Wheels

Why Have Vintage Mopeds Gotten So Popular?

As with classic SUVs, vintage motorcycles have risen in popularity in recent years. As have scooters, which is why manufacturers offer modern versions of icons like the Vespa and Honda Super Cub. But there’s another 2-wheeled form of transportation that’s also enjoying a cultural resurgence: the moped. What is a moped? Like motorcycles, mopeds have …
Young men ride Segway two-wheeled personal transporters
2 Wheels

The Segway Personal Transport Scooter Has Met its End

Segway will discontinue its original electric Segway PT, a personal transport device, or scooter on two wheels. According to a Reuters report, the once-popular, self-leveling, mobility device will roll off the production line for the last time July 15th. Segway does, however, manufacture other scooters and mobility options.  The Segway PT scooter still appears on …

Rion RE90 Racing Edition: The Bugatti of Electric Scooters

For city dwellers that don’t need a car, a scooter can be a perfectly sensible and fun form of transportation. There are so many electric scooters currently available on the market with various power outputs, battery range, and pricing that it can be hard to pick the right one. But if money is not an …
2020 Honda Super Cub C125

Is a Vespa or Honda Super Cub Better for Urban Riders?

Although there are plenty of classic-looking motorcycles on the market, some are on the heavy side, which can be intimidating to smaller or newer riders. They’re also not exactly cheap: even one of Janus Motorcycles’ bikes starts at $6,995. However, in terms of offering inexpensive, stylish transportation, both the Honda Cub and Vespa scooters have …
Tutto Mundo Racing's classic Vespas

Want an Off-Road Rally Machine? Try a Vespa Scooter

Sometimes, the greatest fun in racing is running with unconventional machines. Instead of race-prepped SUVs and trucks, taking a Porsche 911, or a Mazda Miata. At this year’s Mexico 1000, one team is applying that logic to two wheels. But rather than using a rally-ready Honda dirt bike, or high-power dual-sport, Tutto Mondo Racing is …