2020 Ford Fusion Titanium
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Buying a Brand-New Ford Fusion Will Make Your Wallet Cry

It is no secret that the Ford Fusion is going out of production in the U.S. alongside the rest of the brand’s sedans. However, there are plenty of brand-new Fusions sitting in lots across the country. While some deals for the outgoing sedan may be tempting, you may want to wait before pulling the trigger. …

A photo of the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX outdoors.
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Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

As the pickup truck evolved, it moved into position as America’s favorite automobile choice. With utilitarian roots, trucks and their pickup beds have been helping farmers and ranchers for nearly a century. Popular pickup trucks like the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, or Ram 1500 have become more than a cowboy’s chariot. Today, families in city …

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock: The newest Dodge drag racing machine with 807 horsepower.
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Dodge Challenger Sales Outpace Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro

It has been said that the only thing that can unite rivals is a common enemy. The COVID-19 pandemic is that enemy. The rivals were the various automakers across the globe. I’m not saying they all hugged each other and sang Kumbaya, My Lord, together. I am saying that during the pandemic lockdowns, the rival …

A camper van travels from the England to Wales over Bigsweir Bridge which spans the River Wye between Wales and England
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Thor Industries Moves Into 2021 With Billions in the RV Backlog

It’s possible you’ve already seen news showing that the RV business is booming due to the pandemic. Social distancing and closure of many of our favorite places have encouraged many families to take to the open road. Road tripping, camper trips, and RV vacations have suddenly become a huge market for people looking to travel. …

The Ford Ranger is a small but capable pickup truck.
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The Real Reason Trucks Are so Popular

In recent years, the pickup truck and SUV segment has grown exponentially. In this Roadshow video, the host goes into a bit of history and explains why sedans are becoming a thing of the past. Pickup trucks are a roaring and rugged offering in today’s market. As they say in the video, “pickup trucks and …

A man riding on his Boston Whaler
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2020 Is a Banner Year for Boat Sales

Outdoors related industries have seen a big boom in business during the global COVID-19 pandemic. People have been searching for ways to get out of their homes without being in stuck in masses at airports, bus stations, and cruise ships. We’ve already covered how RV manufacturers have had to balance shutting down plants while trying …

A red Honda Passport runs through a dirt road.
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The Honda Passport Surprisingly Set a New Sales Record

The two-row SUV category is a tough segment to compete in and it seems that the Honda Passport would know that all too well. With stalwarts like the Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Edge still soaking up a lot of sales and even crossovers like the Nissan Murano still alive and kicking, the competition for …

A man rides a motorcycle in the Ulagan District.
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How Has the Pandemic Affected Motorcycle Sales?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everything in our world. Personally and publicly, people across the globe feel COVID’s weight daily. Many businesses are also feeling the weight of it due to their reliance on people to visit their business. Manufacturing, restaurants, and all events have taken significant hits, which might have led some to believe …

a red mercedes that is a perfect example of the type of car that is better to buy in a private sale
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Is it Better to Buy a Car for Sale by Owner?

When you are looking to buy a car, there are a lot of different avenues to take. Car shopping options can be overwhelming. In fact, buying a new car is out of the financial wheelhouse for many. That leaves you with either buying a certified pre-owned car from a dealership or a used car from …

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People Are Owning Their Vehicles Longer, Study Says

Prices of new vehicles have been going up. At the same time, financing terms have been getting longer. So, it is not a surprise that people have been hanging on to their vehicles even longer. According to IHS Market, their research shows that the average age of light vehicles in operation is at 11.9 years in the …

A black 2014 G-Class SUV parked near the countryside.
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Will the New Ford Bronco Steal Sales From the G-Wagon?

The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco release is looming closer and closer. As of this writing, we don’t have much longer to wait until its national television debut. Everyone is excited about another sturdy and capable off-roader. Once Ford’s new off-pavement addition to the SUV segment will compete with lifestyle vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner the …

Red Level 2, orange Level 3, and blue Level 1 Ford Performance-modified Rangers in front of a mountain range
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Is Ford Going Out of Business?

According to publications like Detroit News and CNBC, the Ford Motor Company profits have seen a slimming trend. Even before adding predicted loss projections due to the COVID-19(coronavirus) outbreak, Ford had projected one of its lowest revenue years in a very long time. Now, with the release of a 2021 F-150 and the new Ford …

RV Rental
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You Don’t Have to Be Retired to Retire in an RV

RV sales and RV rentals have spiked this year, due to social distancing. Inspired families have discovered the desire to take to the open road in an effort to have fun while maintaining the appropriate distance from public spaces. RVs have it all: the comforts of home with the mobility to seek adventure. RV sales …

2020 Ram 1500 Built to Serve Special Editions | FCA-00 -Excellent used truck option
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Will Ford Truck Sales Continue to Dominate RAM?

Ford has long been the industry leader in truck sales. The F-Series trucks are still the most sold trucks of all time. But, in 2019, the competition starting heating up big time. It was huge when RAM sales overtook Chevrolet, hot on Ford’s heels. Truck sales were already set to be exciting for 2020. Now, …