Wuling Zhengtu by SAIC
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GM Makes This Pickup Truck: What the Hell Is It?

General Motors makes all kinds of different vehicles for different regions. This strange-looking double cab pickup is for China. It’s a collaboration with SAIC and GM and it is called the Wuling Zhengtu. To be honest, it looks somewhat like those cartoon cars with small wheels and tires. The proportions are really strange for a …

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Are Small Pickups The Next Big Thing?

Smaller than a Ranger or Colorado, this is the Wuling Motors 2021 Zhengtu from China. Though small, based on capacity figures there is plenty of cargo and passenger space. And surprisingly, they look pretty stylish. The question is, “Would a truck like this sell in the US?” Could these small pickups be the next big …

A plug going into an electric car
Hybrids & Electrics

Maxus V Electric Pickup to Launch This Year

China is a large and populous nation. Accordingly, it has a large automotive industry. Many of the companies in that area have names that may not be familiar to many here in the United States. For example, one of the largest automotive manufacturers over there is SAIC, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. That company has announced work …

1980 MGB Roadster - Last Year of Production in the USA

What Happened to MG?

Mention the name MG and more than likely most people that remember the manufacturer will have visions of little, convertible, sports cars pop to their minds. Indeed, in the 1960s and through the 1970s, MGs used to dot many a driveway and compete in many a rally. So, what happened to MG? Back in the …