Red 1991 Honda Beat viewed from the side with the roof down
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The Honda Beat Is a Mid-Engine, Pocket-Sized JDM Miata

Mazda isn’t the only Japanese automaker with an influential sports car. Honda has created its fair share as well. The S2000 competed directly with the Miata, and the NSX proved that supercars could genuinely be daily-drivable. But, as with the first Civic Type R and Nissan Skyline GT-R, some sporty JDM cars are only now …


The Honda S660 Is the Roadster We Wish We Had

When it comes to really cool Hondas, the U.S. never gets anything good. Sure, we got the Honda Civic Type R, and there are Integra Type Rs floating around on the used market. But what about cool cars like Honda S660? You might be wondering what that is, so let’s take a closer look. Fun …