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A Tesla Model S Plaid electric car shot from the front on a race track at sunset

Why Are EVs So Fast?

What exactly makes an EV so much faster than even the greatest hypercars? We dig into the science surrounding electric cars.
Logo for Rimac, who recently merged with Bugatti, on a white background.

Who Is Mate Rimac, Bugatti’s New Sneaker-Clad Wunderkind?

Mate Rimac's curiosity for tech gadgets saw his company go from being a startup to one of the most prominent players in the supercar industry in 12 years. The 33-year-old was recently handed the keys to one of the major powerhouses in the automotive industry. So who is Mate Rimac?
Rimac Concept 2 Rimac C_Two

The Rimac C_Two Doesn’t Just Run Stoplights–It Kills Them

I’m not sure if I’ve actually seen this in a James Bond film or maybe Batman or something, but the idea of driving around and causing electronics to fry as you pass seems like a handy feature for a car. Well, maybe it’s only handy if you need to cause unfettered destruction while ripping through …
A red Ferrari California T sits on display at a car show

The World’s Fastest Production Cars Right Now Are…

I covered before how the curved lines of a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray split-window coupe got a hold of me. That gripping moment is what started my interest in the automotive industry. After that, I started learning about performance cars, horsepower figures, cornering abilities of sportscars versus sedans, and the importance of aerodynamics in …
White-and-yellow Greyp G6 electric mountain bike on top of a snowy mountain facing the sunrise

The Electric Mountain Bike Developed By a Supercar Maker

Just like Jeep has done, there’s another automaker introducing bicycles. Though admittedly, Jeep’s electric mountain bike is based on an existing design. The electric mountain bike released by Croatian firm Greyp, though, is entirely its own design. One that was created in part with the help of another Croatian company: electric supercar maker Rimac. How …