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A view of a restored 2003 Sea-N-Sport boat.

$100 Boat Purchase Turns Out To Be a Gem

Florida is known for its palm trees, car culture, beaches, and boats. Not surprisingly, there are so many boats in that area of the country that occasionally buyers come across some incredible deals. One gentleman found a used 2003 Sea-N-Sport boat that he was able to purchase for $100. At that price, the vessel came …
A red Ferrari Testarossa at the Top Gear test track.

Watch an Abandoned Ferrari Testarossa Begin Its Comeback Restoration

In July, a story surfaced of a neglected 1988 Ferrari Testarossa abandoned on a street in Puerto Rico. At that time, I covered how the car had sat for 17 years prior to a Youtuber with a channel called Ratarossa becoming aware of it. He took a pass on purchasing the Ferrari but wanted to know what would happen …
Blue Eagle Lightweight GT coupe in a studio

The Eagle Lightweight GT May Be the Ultimate Jaguar E-Type

Even outside the Porsche 911 community, classic car restomod builds are extremely popular. So much so, that a few automakers have built continuation models of their own iconic models. That includes Jaguar’s special lightweight versions of its iconic E-Type. But if you couldn’t get it, British company Eagle offers a version that might be better …
Red burned-out Ferrari F40 awaiting restoration in a shop

Is a Destroyed Classic Car Worth Restoring?

While restomodding can be expensive, it is a great way to keep a classic car enjoyable on the road for longer. However, even though many restomod companies strip the donor cars down to the bare metal, not every donor will do. That’s the unfortunate part of classic car care: sometimes, restoring them isn’t possible. But …
Hot Wheels 1968 Ford Mustang Custom

Diecast Car Restorations Are A Thing

As an automotive enthusiast, I can agree with many others that a significant influence in my life as a child was Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other diecast toys. Set a bunch of these miniature vehicles in front of me and I could easily spend hours playing. But, did you know that there are a lot …